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When the news dropped that Disney was actually making a new Mary Poppins movie, people were furious. In a day and age where almost everything that comes out is either a reboot, remake or adaption, you'd think that we'd expect something like this from Hollywood.

But nope, the news of a brand new adventure starring the lovable singing nanny of our childhoods caught us in shock and awe. Like I said, a lot of people were downright infuriated that Disney would even attempt to do such a thing! The news that it was a sort of sequel, and not a remake did simmer things down a bit, but not by much.

I've already expressed my opinion about this movie getting made, and to even my own surprise, my opinion is positive. I never really thought about a Mary Poppins remake, but it just felt like something I'm supposed to hate, you know? But actually, I'm okay with this, and I'm even a little bit excited about it.

But obviously, I'm one of the few people that feels this way. The internet made sure to give me a lot of proof of that, in the form of some rather negative comments.

I absolutely understand why so many people aren't too keen on the idea of a brand new Mary Poppins coming to the big screen. After all, this is people's childhood, Disney is treading on some thin ice.

But, if you still aren't behind the idea of this new Mary Poppins, some recent news may just convince you. It didn't take long after the announcement of Mary Poppins 2 (not the official title, but very well could be) for people to start wondering who would play Mary.

Personally, I really wish Julie Andrews would have returned. Julie played Mary Poppins in the original movie, and since then has gone on to become the sweetest old British lady since the Queen! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Disney is looking to bring her back for another round.

Fortunately, Disney is looking at a certain talented actress who could absolutely play the part well. Den of Geek is reporting that Disney already has a shortlist of actresses made for the role of Mary Poppins. And who is at the very top of that list you might ask? Emily Blunt!

Emily Blunt pretending to be surprised at this news
Emily Blunt pretending to be surprised at this news

Yes, Emily Blunt, the awesome British-American actress who always manages to steal the show no matter what film she's in! Emily has been in the spotlight recently, thanks to roles in films like Edge of Tomorrow and Into The Woods. She's also been the subject of another Disney related casting rumor, that of Carol Danvers in the upcoming Marvel movie Captain Marvel! It's no surprise that Disney wants her, but this doesn't necessarily mean they'll get her.

While she may be at the top of the list, it doesn't look like there has been any actual discussion with Blunt, so it's unknown if she even wants the role at all. But I'm seriously hoping that she does! While I still really would love Julie Andrews to return, Emily Blunt is the best new face you could get to play Mary Poppins!

But there are some people who are not quite familiar with Emily Blunt, and are probably wondering why Disney wants her. Well, wonder no more! Here are some pretty good reasons for why Disney should want Emily Blunt as their new Mary Poppins!

She Can Sing!

The number one job requirement for playing Mary Poppins is that you must be able to sing, and Emily Blunt is more than experienced in that field! Emily showed her incredible vocal talents in Disney's Into The Woods last year, where she played the Butcher's Wife.

She proved to the world that she could sing, and though I'm not the biggest fan of Into The Woods, it was pretty clear to me that she was talented! If this new Mary Poppins is a musical, like everybody is expecting it to be, Emily would have no trouble singing the catchy and no doubt memorable songs in the film. I'd even be cool with hearing her version of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I probably spelled that wrong)!

She's A Natural Born Leading Lady!

Emily Blunt may not always have the starring role in a film, but she can always act like a leading lady! Like I said before, Emily can always steal the show in any movie she is, regardless of which role she's playing!

She managed to steal the show from Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, from Ewan McGregor in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, and from TOM CRUISE in Edge of Tomorrow! Stealing anything from the Mission: Impossible star is not an easy feat!

Emily is perfectly capable of being the main character, and the hero of the story, which is why she's perfect for the role of Mary Poppins! Like Mary, she's an assertive go-getter who is just made for the spotlight!

I may be pro-Julie Andrews, but I'd have no trouble welcoming Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins with open arms!

She's Sweet, But Tough!

Emily Blunt is a nice person, and as such, she's good at playing kind roles. But she's also spectacular in roles full of action, toughness and hardcore...ness!

But even her tough roles have a little bit of sweet charm to them. Take her role in Edge of Tomorrow for example. Sergeant Rita Rose Vrataski is a cold, tough action hero with no remorse and no fear. But as the movie progresses, you start to see the softer side of her, although she's still tough enough to pummel you if you mention that you saw her softer side.

Mary Poppins, believe it or not, is a lot like that. Yeah she's not an epic action hero like Sergeant Rita, but she's stern, strict and in her own way, tough. Emily could absolutely play both sides of the coin as Mary Poppins.

After all, Mary may be talking about "spoonfuls of sugar" all the time, but you just know that if someone were to mess with her and her loved ones, that sugar would turn into salt really quick!

That eye twitch means you screwed up.
That eye twitch means you screwed up.

I was already ready for this next chapter in Mary Poppins' life, but I'd be even more for it if Emily Blunt was running the show! But as I said, this is all hypothetical for now.

Disney may be looking at Blunt, but no actual discussion has happened yet. Here's hoping they both sit down together real soon!

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Source: Cinema Blend

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