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Important points to consider before this very short review:

  • This is an indie film: Low budget, fan funded (kickstarter), passion driven production.
  • The director is the veteran Star Trek actor Tim Russ and features a lot of classic characters from the series.
  • Written by veteran DS9 writer Ethan H Calk.
  • Paramount had nothing to do with this production.


For a low budget film, the star ship models are a treat to the eye.

The motion and battle effects are incredible and the overall quality is definitely not what I expected. They are as good as what we’ve seen in most of the ST TV series. Not the same can be said for the planet surface shots which seem a bit amateurish: They feel like they glued a painting on the wall and used lighters for fire and fans for air.

The Icarus looks amazing
The Icarus looks amazing

Sets, Wardrobe, Make up

Yes, I had to make a different section. Remember: Low budget.

The Starfleet uniforms seem more like a PJ set than an actual military uniform. I am still debating if this is the worst uniform since Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Yet, the interior of the ships was believable enough and resembled some of the classic Star Trek designs. Unlike Starfleet headquarters which could need a bit more work.

Really, that is the best uniform they could come up with?
Really, that is the best uniform they could come up with?

The make up of the aliens is exceptionally done -- on everyone except the Romulan T'Leah. She looks like she wears a DIY home cosplay makeup set.

Characters and Plot

You want flaws? Here are most of Renegades' flaws. This is where it went wrong. This is the point... Ok, I shut up and get to THE point.

Do you know what Star Trek is all about?

I will tell you what Star Trek is all about: It is about the stories. The compelling stories that say something meaningful and leave us with that South Park end-of-episode revelation:

I've learned something today

There is something to be said about interesting characters and superb storytelling: They can overcome the tiniest of budgets. Renegades has (almost) neither.

They tried to stuff up a TON of new characters to interact with the returning favorites (who saved the day in terms of acting) and instead of 'showing', they had to 'tell'. The acting seems forced and rushed and, due to the sometimes well-written dialogue, it goes back and forth between quality and amateurism.

There is no time to invest in any of the characters. Most of them seem as distant as the next red-shirt and just not deep enough.

I mean, if there is someone who actually cared about Koenig's granddaughter having her hand cut off, raise your hand... What, no one? What a surprise.

The plot seems solid but it was executed badly and rushed to the point of me exclaiming in various parts of the movie: "wait, what?? ... whatever...". It might have been a great two-part episode with half the information they tried to stuff in and half the characters.

Speaking of the characters, most of the second roles were forced into being a cheap caricatures of what we know about their race -- I am talking to you, racist and hateful Bajoran.

Bonus Content

Call me a sexist, a low-grade pen-monkey, the lowest of scums, but... I am with Deadpool on this one:

They got the boobies right. Well done.

Well done. Deadpool is proud.
Well done. Deadpool is proud.

Do I watch it or not?

Renegades, despite all its flaws, is keeping Star Trek in the forefront. We want a new series and efforts like this can only do good.

If you love Star Trek, go ahead. You are going to be both thrilled and disappointed in the most delightful of ways with this film.

If you have never seen anything Star Trek, then DON'T watch this film.
Begin with a movie or an iconic episode like "The Inner Light". Google it.

Live Long and Prosper


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