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Surely you'd think playing a superhero would be the most surefire way of getting into your children's affections, and them thinking you're the coolest thing since sliced bread? I can imagine that rings true for the majority of lucky actors with little ones that have managed to bag superhero roles, but not for poor Paul Bettany.

In a recent appearance on Conan, the British actor told a super cute story of how his upgrade from Tony Stark's trusty AI J.A.R.V.I.S., to slipping into the purple face-paint and cape of The Vision, had finally piqued his young daughter's interest in his performances.

Paul Bettany on Conan
Paul Bettany on Conan

When asked by Conan O'Brien as to whether his children were excited now that he's a huge part of the Avengers franchise, Bettany was gloriously candid in his reply:

Oh, sure. It's the only thing they've ever been interested in in anything I've ever done in my life, ever.

Bettany went on to remark that all that mattered to his kids was the fact he played the two aforementioned characters, and his honest worries of freaking out his little girl with The Vision's purple get up. But that was swiftly erased after her first fit of rage:

It's when I took the make-up off that she went 'I WANT PURPLE, DADDY', and threw her first tantrum! 'NOT YOU, DADDY! I WANT THE PURPLE!'
"Say what?"
"Say what?"

So naturally after Bettany's daughter's hilarious confession, you'd think The Vision would be her favorite Avenger, right? That's what Conan thought as he posed the question. Unfortunately, Bettany was quick and downtrodden in his response:

Oh no, no, no. She loves, um... Robert Downey Jr. It's so humiliating.

Typical, huh? To disprove his daughter's love for the goateed genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Bettany recorded a little clip for RDJ where she would confess how cool she found The Vision. Naturally she swiftly went off script, deciding to tell Iron Man how much she loved him! Over and over again, to the amusement of her father.

It's the cutest thing, check it out:

The Vision may be able to wield Mjölnir, but he's still not worthy enough for his daughter's adoration! I guess you can't win all the battles.

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