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Although you've probably earmarked all of your excitement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, make sure you save a little bit for the first Star Wars spin-off movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Thanks to TMZ's ever-present set snoops, we've got our first look at pictures from the set of Rogue One in London. From the looks of things, the rumors we heard that Rogue One would be a gritty war film might have been on the mark. The set pictures appear to show a downed craft, as well as dead stormtroopers and some kind of battle-scared beachhead. Check out the images below:

Has Kenny Baker Been Recast?

Other news is also emerging from sleuthing set-watchers. are suggesting Kenny Baker may have been recast as the actor who operates the lovable dust-bin droid, R2-D2. Their evidence for this concerns the appearance of actor Jimmy Vee on the recent Star Wars: Episode VIII Skellig Micheal set a few days ago.

Although Vee did play Artoo on this set, that doesn't necessarily mean Baker has been recast. Several Star Wars projects are currently being produced simultaneously, which means different filming units are likely at different locations. With this in mind, Vee may only be acting as Artoo in several specific locations and scenes. Furthermore, the terrain at Skelling Michael is particularly tough and tiring, meaning it might be a bit too difficult for the 81-year-old Baker to work on. Perhaps Vee is therefore taking over the R2 work on such locations?

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