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These days, the Internet is awash with gossip about Miley Cyrus, the wild child of the moment. And unsurprisingly, a new slew of rumors have surfaced about Miley's dating life in recent weeks.

Apparently, it has been falsely reported that the star has been casually dating American stand-up comedian Dane Cook. Us Weekly published this titillating piece of information without any further details, with the story once again proving to be an example of the shoddy level of journalism that is often being churned out by tabloid papers.

According to the report, Cyrus was a huge fan of Cook's comedy stand-up and attended some of his shows earlier this year at The Laugh Factory, where they were snapped in embrace. And naturally, having a photo taken together (again, naturally) meant that they were engaging in naughty business behind closed doors...

Miley has been hit with a number of ridiculous rumors over the years

And understandably, I bet she's getting very tired of being falsely accused of ridiculous shenanigans by the press. The following 3 rumors, for example, are just a few instances of slandering speculations about the Do It singer that turned out be completely untrue:

1. Miley hooked up with Jared Leto

Unbeknownst to Miley, it seems that she had been in fact hooking up with actor Jared Leto in the first half of 2014. Us Weekly reported that the two stars had been having a number of naughty sleepovers in January of that year. An insider reported:

They like to have a good time, they love to talk about art and music -- and they're both comfortable with nudity!

Well if that isn't a basis for a solid relationship, I don't know what is.

2. She was pregnant and in rehab

Appearing on the cover of Life and Style, it appeared that Miley had reached the dead end of her dark and troubled path when she was reported to be pregnant AND in rehab. Wow, what a double whammy of woe.

The Internet went wild, ensuring that Miley was finally forced to speak out against these ridiculous speculations. She took to her Instagram, saying:

Those 3 days I was off Instagram I got pregnant and went to rehab. I was super busy sorry guys. I know how much you missed my edits.

And that was the end of that.

3. She's getting devil horn implants and a corset piercing

By far my ultimate favorite Miley rumor of late is that the star is prepping herself up for disfigurement in the form of a lovely pair of devil horn implants. To go with her wild child, outta control image, of course.

According to In Touch Weekly, she's not adverse to a casual spot of physical mutilation because after all, she's Miley Cyrus and she's clearly into that. Here's the ridiculous statement printed in the tabloid:

She’s leaning toward getting silicone horns implanted in her head. Miley wants them to be very out there, like devil horns!

And apparently she's also going to make one particular beauty obsession a reality very soon:

She’s also interested in a corset piercing. It’s when you get holes pierced around your spine and you can actually put ribbons through those holes in a crisscross fashion to mimic the look of a corset.

And Miley being Miley (the jokester that she is!) posted this hilarious retort about how impatient she is to get her devil horn game on:

Amazing! Personally, I can't wait!

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