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Just when you think you know absolutely everything about the Harry Potter books and movies, you stumble upon some eye-opening information about the series that completely blows your mind.

The following insanely interesting movie facts will give you a glimpse into the wizarding world behind the camera lens, a world previously unexplored. Take a look!

1. Daniel Radcliffe went through 60 - 70 wands

This was throughout the entire franchise.

2. Each Death Eater mask has its own unique design

3. The most expensive prop used was Dumbledore's telescope

It was engraved with signs of the zodiac.

4. Mrs. Norris once stole Filch's sandwich

The cat jumped up and stole it from actor David Bradley! Cheeky!

5. Each memory vial in Dumbledore's cabinet had its own handwritten label attached to it

6. Much of Diagon Alley was reappropriated as Hogsmead for the Prisoner of Azkaban

7. The kittens on Professor Umbridge's plates were created with the help of a green screen

The crew would put the cute little things in front of a green screen to achieve the effect.

8. Fireplaces of over 30 feet high were created for the Ministry of Magic set

Watch the infamous escape scene from the Ministry below - it's mad to think how much time it took to perfect the floo-network fireplaces alone:

9. The skyline carved into the golden egg from the Goblet of Fire depicts an unknown historical city

10. Snape's costume is the only one that didn't change in the series

11. The Knight Bus was created from vintage London double-deckers

Three entire buses, in fact!

12. A whopping 950 special effects were used for the veil room scene

And here's the epic battle for your viewing pleasure:



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