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The title of superhero shouldn't be merely reserved for the fictional archetypes of our favorite comics and spectacle movies, heroes can be found everywhere, if we'd only spare the minute to look.

That's the message photographer Martin Beck has attempted to convey in his stunning series of gritty portraits of tired looking, regular people dressed like DC and Marvel superheroes.

Whilst snapping the series, titled "We Can Be Heroes", Beck's travels took him around the globe, from the Middle East to the UK, in search of the perfect subjects for its everyman sentiment.

In conversation with Mashable, Beck divulged the thinking behind "We Can Be Heroes":

When we think of superheroes, we think of perfect bodies and beautiful faces, achieving unbelievable feats. This project tries to humanize superheroes.

And it manages to pull it with effortless gusto. Check them out:

Avengers Disassemble For Union Break

Bat Beach

Avengin' Ain't Easy

Flashy Motor

Old Man El

Rockin' Robin


A Wonderful Trip

Man Of Feels

Humorous and really very striking, these images are a neat attempt at subverting super-stereotypes, and brilliant reminder that "despite our flaws and failures, each of us, in our own way, can be heroes to our family, our friends, our colleagues and we all have the potential to help others." Which is a lovely little parting shot from Beck.

if you like what you've seen, get over to Beck's site here, or his Facebook page.

(Sources: Mashable, Facebook)


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