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Just like us, celebrities have fears relating to a whole spectrum of things. From clowns, to heights, to spiders and everything in between - there is something to be afraid of for everyone.

Our favorite actors have a tough job taking on roles in movies as they often have to face their fears head on whilst the cameras are rolling, but can you guess what they're scared of?

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar - Fear of graveyards.

Can you believe that the vampire-slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar has a total real fear of graveyards?

When I was younger, I used to totally fear that a kidnapper was going to climb up to my twelfth story window - using suction cups like Spider Man - and kidnap me. And I have an irrational fear of cemeteries and being buried alive.

Sarah even tried to refuse to film in a cemetery - unfortunately her request didn't go to plan.

I told the Buffy producer, 'Look, I can't do it, I'm sorry.' Through mis-communication, the message never got relayed and it was four in the morning and they basically made me do it. I was hysterical. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done for my job, ever. Some people find cemeteries a turn-on. Not me. I cried the whole way home. It was horrible! It's really hard to be a vampire slayer if you're scared of cemeteries...'

7. Carmen Electra - Fear of water

The stunning actress starred in Baywatch effortlessly running along the shore. Surprisingly the actress has an intense fear of water and has struggled with this all of her life. Carmen once said -

I get terrified anywhere near it and have a panic attack!

Carmen showed no sense of fear in this racy water scene from Scary Movie.

6. Scarlett Johansson - Fear of birds.

Filming We Bought a Zoo was a real test for Scarlett who has an intense phobia of birds. In an interview with New York Magazine Scarlett recalled the horrors from filming and spoke about her fears.

'I’m only scared of birds, something about wings and beaks and the flapping. I’m terrified of them. That still hasn’t gone away. My uncle is terrified of birds, as well, so it runs in the family. If they’d asked me to put a bird on my shoulder I would’ve done it, but it would’ve been hard.

Matt Damon was equally afraid during filming and was exceptionally freaked out by snakes. Scarlet jokingly went on to make fun of her co-star.

'He was definitely sweating a bit, and maybe the sweat formed in the corner of his eye. I said, ‘Matt, these kids are practically juggling the snakes. Hold it together.

Damon admitted

I’m afraid of snakes. And I got bullied into interacting with them by Scarlett and the kids.

5. Robert Pattinson - Fear of horses

Can you imagine being super scared of horses and then the director telling you ''for this next scene you are going to have to fall off a horse'' (or something along those lines). That's exactly what happened to Pattinson during filming Water For Elephants. His fears almost caused the actor problems on set.

'I had to get knocked down by a horse. That was terrifying. It was just one split second but (it was) a fully grown stallion - I’m kind of relatively scared of horses as well.

Strangely Pattinson got along just fine with his ginormous elephant co-star!

The first time I met Thai the elephant, I just got in her mouth. It seemed like a good place to be! She had these huge lips and her teeth were all the way at the back so she just carried me around!

4. Cameron Diaz - Had a fear of singing badly.

Who could forget that wholesomely cringe worthy moment during My Best Friend's Wedding? Where Cameron warbled ''I just don't know what to do with myself.' The actress found the scene pretty tricky to do which she told Biography all about.

I don't sing as bad as I do in My Best Friend's Wedding. But the idea that I'm supposed to be able to sing is a terrifying thing. I've done karaoke a million times with friends, who all know how bad I sing, and that's one thing. When you're supposed to step up and be able to sing, that is a totally different situation.

3. Uma Thurman - Had to conquer her nerves dancing alongside John Travolta

John Travolta almost killed Uma's flow, she was really nervous about being filmed alongside the star of Grease. In an interview with Vanity Fair the actress recalled how dancing with Travolta intimidated her.

'because I was so awkward and embarrassed and shy'

Travolta also remembered the scene:

'Quentin recommended the Twist. And I said, ‘Well, Little Johnny Travolta won the Twist contest when I was eight years old, so I know every version. But you may add other novelty dances that were very special in the day.’ He said, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘There was the Batman, the Hitchhiker, the Swim, as well as the Twist.’ And I showed them to him, and he loved them. I said, ‘I’ll teach Uma the steps, and when you want to see a different step, call it out.’

Uma - Is also claustrophobic and fears confined spaces.

The scene in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 where she is buried was a nightmare for her.

There was no acting required. Real screams available,It was horrific. You don't want to have that experience. Coming through the soil was also horrific.

2. Sean Bean - worked around his fear of flying

So maybe this one does not count as much as the others but I felt it deserved a place in the list. Sean Bean is totally afraid of flying. So whilst filming The Lord of the Rings the actor decided to hike up a mountain in full armour instead of going in a helicopter! I guess that's one way to not let your fears get in the way of a movie scene and find your way around them.

1. Sylvester Stallone - Fear of heights.

The director of Cliffhanger Renny Harlin tricked Stallone into doing the movie. As the badass actor arrived on set he told Harlin, "I have a fear of heights." Harlin had some tricks up his sleeve to coax Stallone into doing the scenes, the director explained to ET just how he managed this.

When he first arrived in the Italian Alps and came to look at the location for the first time, he looked up at this 11,000-foot peak that was in front of us," recalls Harlin. "I said, 'That's where our set is.' And he's like, 'So who's going to go up there?' I said, 'You are.' He looks at me and he says, 'You gotta be kidding. I have a fear of heights. The highest I will ever go is the heels of my cowboy boots.' And it became my task to trick him into wanting to be higher in the mountains, because he thought he would be done with trickery and stunt people.

Somehow Stallone managed to hold his fears together. The cunning director explained how the next stages unfolded.

I knew his psychology and I put him in a situation where it would have been embarrassing for him to, in front of the crew, refuse to get there. Obviously, I was able to get him there, and then once I got him to relax he was more than willing to do everything, and even more that I wanted him to do. The highest peak that we worked was 13,000 feet high, and there he was right on the edge, basically doing whatever it took. He was okay with a helicopter as long as the door was closed.

I have no idea how the actor managed to do scenes like this.


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