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With Season 6 of The Walking Dead premiering in less than a month, it's time to start thinking about where we last left some of our beloved characters, and where they might go over the course of Season 6.

WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 and comic series below. Proceed at your own risk.

As we all know, as much as we might love a character, the writers of The Walking Dead are cruel and heartless buggers who love nothing more than to kill off our fave people in the most gruesome manner possible.

So who might we expect to see getting the chop or biting the bullet in Season 6? I've made five death predictions below, check them out and then let me know if you agree, or which characters you think are headed for the afterlife in the comments below.

Second warning: Seriously guys, spoilers ahead!

Daryl Dixon

Why he could go: While we had a couple of Daryl Dixon-centric episodes in Season 5, by the time we got to the second half of the season he really seemed to take on more of a supporting role. Could the writers be weaning us off Daryl before they brutally kill him off?

Daryl was never in the comic series, which makes it harder to predict when he might die, and in what way - perhaps it'll be when we least suspect it, or maybe he'll die in a way that we thought was reserved for another character, either way it makes me a little nervous for his life!

Why he's safe: As the writers of The Walking Dead know by now: If Daryl dies, we riot. Are they really willing to risk that? On a serious note though, as much as not being a comic book character could mean Daryl could die in any number of ways, at any time, it could also be his saving grace. Daryl is a character the writers have 100% freedom with, while he really took a backseat role in Season 5b, with the threat of a massive walker herd in Season 6 (as we saw in the comic con trailer) surely he's going to make a triumphant return to ass kicking, and not simply be killed off. Besides, think of how much it would crush Carol.

Tara Chambler

Why she could go: When we last saw Tara she was just waking up after sustaining pretty terrible injuries on the ill-fated supply run with Glenn, Eugene, Noah and Aiden. Will her injuries now mean she's a huge liability in the group? Could they slow her down or prevent her from running in the event of a walker herd? Tara has always been a supporting type character, much like Bob, or even a little like Tyreese. With both of those characters meeting a grizzly end last season, could she be the next to follow suit?

Another point against Tara is the fact that actress who plays her, Alanna Masterson is currently pregnant. While this doesn't necessarily mean that her character will be killed off (after all, they covered up Sonequa Martin aka Sasha's pregnant stomach quite well), it seems unlikely they'll incorporate it into Tara's storyline (being a lesbian character it's unlikely, though not impossible). Time will tell if Tara simply wears baggier clothing, and has more bust-height shots, or if she'll be killed off before audiences notice her growing belly.

Why she's safe: Tara really started to grow over Season 5. She proved herself to be dependable in dire situations, provided light hearted moments, and grew closer to the other members of the group. I feel like she still has a lot to give as a character, and surely after her latest near death experience she won't be fed to the walkers just yet.

Glenn Rhee

Why he could go: Glenn, oh Glenn. The rumors of Glenn's death started way back before Season 5 even started, and they weren't quietened when he started messing around with baseball bats in the Season 5b premiere. Comic book readers know that Glenn has an unfortunate run in with Lucille sometime in the future, so could this gruesome storyline be primed to go down in Season 6?

Why he's safe: One of only five characters to have survived from Season 1 (the others being Rick, Carl, Carol and Daryl), Glenn has definitely grown as a character. At the end of last season we saw him fighting for his life against Nicholas, and proving his strength and survival skills once and for all. With Glenn's track record he just might be ok to see through the entire season unscathed, and for Maggie's sake, I hope he does too.

Eugene Porter

Why he could go: Eugene could well have died back in Season 5a when Abraham slugged him in the face after the group learned he did not in fact have the cure to the zombie virus. Luckily for the man with the Tennessee top hat, he lived to see another day, and even started learning how to defend himself against walkers. But, after almost 2 years of a zombie apocalypse, I just don't know if Eugene has the skills or the will to survive if he's really put to the test, and with an impending walker herd, it could spell very bad news.

Why he's safe: Basically, Eugene has the comic series on his side. The mullet man is still alive and kicking in the comic series, which could mean that he's safe for awhile yet in the TV series. Eugene is also learning survival skills (and to be fair he could have more than half the residents of Alexandria), so it could be enough for him to make it all the way through Season 6 unharmed. Maybe.

Jessie Anderson

Why she could go: Jessie is the perfect example of a character who has been introduced long enough for other characters to form a bit of a bond to (as well as the audience), before being killed off in a dramatic fashion - much like Noah from Season 5. The storyline with her abusive husband, and children was useful for showing Deanna and the others how Rick and the gang ware useful to the people of Alexandria (protecting them from threats both inside and outside the wall), but now I feel like her time is done.

The final nail in Jessie's coffin is the comic series, where she dies in the middle of the big walker herd that sweeps through Alexandria. We know there's going to be a walker herd coming, we know that probably means lots of death, so joining the dots I would say it's pretty certainly Jessie won't make it to the mid-season finale alive.

Why she's safe: Ummm, because Alexandra Breckenridge is great and the fans seem to like her? Nah sorry guys, she's definitely dead meat.


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