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With just 10 days to go until Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to our screens with Season 3 (premiering on September 27th 2015), it's getting pretty exciting as the countdown ticks over.

The conclusion of Season 2 left us with somewhat of a bittersweet taste; Andre Braugher's Holt was transferred out of the Nine-Nine in order to protect his squad from witchy rival Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) and he was accompanied to his new position by his assistant and fan-favourite Gina (Chelsea Peretti).

Jake (Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) shared a kiss after a season of build up and assuring each other that they didn't want to date. Before we even had time to process that happening, it was time for the new Captain to arrive. Which is pretty much where the season left us.

We don't know much about Season 3 yet, but Fox recently released a series of short promo clips in the run-up, and they actually tell us quite a bit about the new Captain, and the fate of Captain Holt...

Captain Holt

Despite the fact that Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor has confirmed that Andre Braugher will not be leaving the cast (yay) he is leaving his position as Captain of the Nine-Nine (boo). Gina will also continue to be present on the show, and it looks like fans are going to get to see her and Holt navigate a new world in the PR department of the NYPD.

From the looks of it Holt really isn't loving his new job, as we see him dressed as a pigeon standing in an elementary school bathroom - not exactly his ideal environment. Whilst this career change is bad news for him, it'll be satisfying to see the normally stoic captain thrust into this new world where decorated captains dress up like birds and visit schoolchildren to teach them about police-work.

Captain Seth Dozerman

Trainwreck and Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader will be entering the precinct as the Nine-Nine's new captain. The first promo clips show that, in keeping with tradition, Jake starts off on the wrong foot with the new captain.

Although this one might be a little bit... insane.

Currently Hader is credited only as a guest star, with his IMDB page only giving away that he's appearing in the first episode of season 3. Given that episode 2 is entitled The Funeral (and the promo clips show him having a "heart-attack") this could mean he's may only have a very short run on the show. Which is a shame for him, but may herald Holt and Gina's return sooner than expected.

Do you want to see Captain Holt returning, or would you rather Bill Hader stuck around for a while? Got any thoughts on the Jack and Amy subplot? Tell us in the comments below.


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