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Tumblr is incredible for a multitude of reasons, one of which being that the community on the site seems to be hysterically on-point with some of their social commentary. And when that social commentary has something to do with Disney? It's a wrap.

Shouts out to Buzzfeed for finding 19 of the funniest and most clever Disney-related Tumblr posts.

Here they are below!

1. Little Mermaid pants are really cool; but why didn't they have anybody try them on before pushing them to market??

Ariel and Flounder... why are you guys trying to peek at my junk?

2. This Ursula post starts out normal, but that third comment... existential crisis going down or somethin'

I have a feeling I would get along with hellomynameisconfusion IRL.

3. Some Lilo and Stitch realness

Why is this the realest thing I've ever read?

4. Beauty and the Beast are going to have a busy weekend

I would watch both sequels and thoroughly understand the strife and sadness of their Ikea experience.

5. More Beauty and the Beast, this time morbid and incredibly dark

Tumblr has no chill whatsoever, but you can't say this isn't incorrect.

6. Nobody ever said you have to be a fan of all art

Shut. Down.

7. This Disney Princess doesn't exist, but probably should

I'm weak. This is something I could very easily get behind.

8. Somebody made a very good point about Aladdin

Dude has no nipples. He can't be trusted. Like, at all.

9. Disney's titling scheme is not super original, tbh; and Tumblr is there to call them out

Tumblr isn't just going to let this slide.

10. This is the most powerful Mufasa reference anyone has ever seen

You, visenyatargaryyen, are the real MVP.

11. When Disney accidentally reminds you that you are getting old and out of touch

A lot changes as you grow and mature.

12. Taylor Swift and Christina Perri songs always remind me of The Lion King, tbch

YASS starvingfartist. Slay, etc.

13. This is almost NSFW Toy Story material... but it's fine, I suppose - twisted, but fine.

unitymanipulator, you dog.


Mermaids have it rough when it comes to finding good salons in the deep blue sea.

15. More hair stuff

Too true.

16. Elsa and Anna are almost as bad at running a country as Pablo Escobar would've been for Colombia (yeah, I watch Narcos)

C'mon, get it together ladies!

17. Finding Emo is a fantastic movie idea that I would pay to see - can anybody say reboot?

Orange is NOT the new black.

18. Tumblr doesn't miss even the tiniest Disney deets


19. teamrocketing (Tumblr user) nails it


(h/t Buzzfeed)


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