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There is probably going to be a lot of disagreements with this post, but I feel that this needs to be said, after a of thinking (and a lot of watching). I have come to the conclusion, for me personally, that The Avengers movie is simply not as good as everyone says it is.

You are probably shaking your head in disagreement at the moment, because you may be among those who loves the movie, and that's fine, because all movies are subjective and based on opinion. But just hear what I have to say, and then comment below what you say.

Lack of Story!

The main reason that this film is not as good as other Superhero films is the fact that it has a really weak story for an Avengers Movie! I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but if a film has a weak story, then all the slow scenes feel slower, and all the long scenes feel longer...

Lets look at this from the start, the likes of Maria Hill and Hawkeye are thrown into the film, with us expecting to know who they are and what they do, then Tony Stark is in the initiative, despite not being qualified for it in Iron Man 2.

And, when you think about it, Loki not only comes out of nowhere, but completely negates Thors solo film ending. The Chitauri also come out of nowhere, and the two together does not make sense.

You see the likes of Winter Soldier, Days of Future Past and even Age of Ultron, they have a solid story to work with, and they have strong characters, and a fairly logical plot, and when that happens, the film is more likely to become more successful. Avengers however, does not have this!

Plot Holes Everywhere!

How I feel...
How I feel...

According to MoviePlotHoles, a huge list of plot holes have been gathered that have certainly brought the film down severely:

  • The cunning godly villain Loki sees fit to mind-control a scientist and random SHIELD agents to further his plan but doesn’t think it could also be a good idea to control the director of SHIELD Nick Fury himself – because controlling the leader of the organization you are trying to destroy is simply overrated.
  • Having the technology to become invisible is rather pointless when you are as loud and hot as an erupting volcano. SHIELD’s giant Helicarrier can still be spotted in an instant by radars and thermal vision. Hawkeye and the other henchmen found the Helicarrier like it was nothing.
  • Black Widow has the incredible power of having the least threatening body while using the least threatening guns in Marvel movies: Pistols. She is facing deadly aliens with laser guns but somehow never considers that maybe she should drop her Pistols and take the alien weapons after killing a few soldiers. Fine, she takes one alien gun for a minute and then decides to go back to her pistols even if there are hundreds of them lying on the ground everywhere.
  • If Thor had the power to break through the prison’s glass by flying through it, why didn’t he do it before Loki dropped him in the sky? He knew his brother was going to drop him off anyway; there was absolutely no reason for him to not go ahead and destroy that thing.
  • Thor can call the power of lightning to destroy hundreds of aliens in an instant but decides after finding that he is a little too strong that he should fight the aliens with regular hammer strikes...
  • The Chitauri are biological figures, not androids, so why when the mother ship gets destroyed, all the Chitauri fall to the floor, seems very convenient for the story...

Every movie has plot holes, anyone can accept this, but for me, the amount of Plot Holes here take it one step too far!

Bringing Marvel Characters together hides the negatives...apparently!

This reason deserves its own section, because when I ask people why they love the Avengers so much, their response is always...

Because all the Marvel Superheroes are in it!

And that's all their reasoning for it. Yes this reason is a positive in this movie, and it makes us all happy that it has happened, but you simply cannot base a movie on the amount of characters it has from other movies.

A good example of this is when the camera pans around all the heroes in New York near the end of the movie, people think this shot is so good that it turns the movie from good to great, when in reality, its just one good camera shot!

There are other components that need to be included, and yet hardcore fans cannot seem to look past that it has many superheroes in the film, and will deny any legitimate criticism, simply because they enjoy the comics.

The Avengers is still a Good Film!

It may feel like I'm punching this film into the dirt, but I'm really not! Just to make it clear that, overall I enjoy the film, Joss Whedon has done a good job with the Avengers Movie, it has a lot of humor in the film, all the actors/actresses do a great job in their respective. The conversations between the big characters were great! One of the only thing that moved the plot along nicely.

The Avengers is a film I enjoy, but simply not as much as most...

A Superior Sequel!

Despite the first Avengers being a good film, a better alternative would be the second Avengers movie. As I said earlier in this post, Joss Whedon this time around actually adds a legitimate story to the movie, based on character history, which directly leads to aggressive character development, which then leads into them actually merging together as a unit. Unlike in the first film where it felt like 15-20 minutes of each character, then 20 minutes of them together.

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) for me, is superior to it's predecessor, because it has a much better balance of a film, mixed with a better story, and better character development. Yes it has faults, just like every other movie, but for me personally, it is simply a better film than the fist Avengers Movie!


How would you rate the Avengers?

I'm bound to receive a lot of hate, but remember, it's just one man's opinion, nothing more than that! So what do you think? How much do you disagree? Comment below and let me know!


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