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In 2006, the world was shaken up by news that one of the most loved conservationists, Australian Steve Irwin, had died as a result of a stingray piercing his heart whilst on a shoot for a documentary focusing on the ocean's deadliest creatures.

As well as leaving behind a loving wife and a devoted daughter and son, millions of fans all over the world mourned the passing of a genius whose unprecedented commitment and dedication to making the world a better place could never be matched. Here's a tribute to the wonderful man that he was:

Although today Steve Irwin has not been with us for almost a decade, he hasn't been forgotten, because now, a new Hollywood biopic might ensure that his legacy is immortalized forever.

According to sources, Steve's wife, Terri, is negotiating a deal that will see the life of her late husband brought to the big screen. In an attempt to document his incredible dedication to the preservation of the natural world, discussions are still underway with film executives in Los Angeles.

From the deal, Terri, who lives in LA with her 17-year-old daughter Bindi, will earn a reported $25 million. Up until now, she has reportedly rejected a number of equally lucrative offers. Allegedly:

Up until now, Terri and Bindi have had several scripts pitched to them. Even the BBC want to do an authorised documentary style biopic on Steve, and (the Irwins) have turned everything down.

Part of the reason for this has been the fact that both mother and daughter are finding it difficult to find the perfect person to play the role of Steve:

Bindi really wants Hugh Jackman to play Steve [...] She thinks Hugh is just like her dad in many ways - loved, dependable and internationally renowned. Both Bindi and Terri want this to be a serious film with a serious cast

In addition to this, Terri is also reportedly very keen to get her teenage daughter into the film business with this venture. Although Bindi has already starred in a number of projects on the small screen such as Bindi the Jungle Girl and Dancing With the Stars, she's ready to get involved in heftier projects in the entertainment industry.

How exciting! Watch this space.



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