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Rob Harris

The supremely talented Emily Anderson specializes in extreme body paint makeovers, transforming herself into weird and wonderful creatures, as well as some very recognizable pop culture characters.

Her artistic metamorphoses are so convincing, your eyes won't quite know what they're looking at! Just take a look below to witness the perception-deceivery on show:

Pretty impresive, huh? And if you thought that Jurassic World inspred raptor was cool, take a look at some of her other designs...

Sparkling Gnashers

Vampiric Temptress

Evil Clown

Possessed Faerie

The Quintessential Look

Face Your Demons

Don't Feed Me After Midnight

It's Face Morphin' Time!

Venom Goes Vroom

Rocket Racoon and His Happy Tree Friend

Iron Man's Skin Suit

You've Got To Be Mojo Jojoking

[Emily Anderson Makeup]


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