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True Blood/Daredevil actress Deborah Ann Woll is one of those lucky ladies who can pull off any hair color, whether it be blonde or red, and probably purple, green, and white too.

While she is still blonde for her role as Karen Page in Daredevil, she looks beyond dazzling in her shoot for Canadian Glow Magazine.

And my, was she glowing!

1. Those Baby Blues

They don't even make contacts that gorgeous shade of blue.

2. Flower Power

Get me this dress ASAP! The hints of sheer material make this dress look so incredibly sexy!

3. Black And White, So Classy

Satin and fur, paired with natural wavy hair is a look I must try this Fall season.

4. How to Make a Turtle Neck Sexy

Hint: Like this.

She also discussed her character Karen, and why she truly enjoyed acting in Daredevil.

"A strong woman isn’t a woman who is flawless and has no weakness. It’s just about a woman who, despite those weaknesses, pushes forward or confronts them at some point."

Amen, sister. Amen. But I do have to say, she's looks pretty damn near flawless in these photos.



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