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Husband. Father. Gamer. Cinema Lover. Mix it all together, and there I am. I love all things pop-culture and coffee; but coffee is the best.
Matthew Bailey

Okay, so I'm an only child. Let's just put that our there first. I also have a very introverted personality, so interacting with other kids never really came naturally to me. I always felt like the loner. I was the kids at his own lunch table in the cafeteria while everyone else socialized and made friends. I was just... me, and it didn't really bother me.

So translate that into my video game playing and as you can imagine, I played mostly one player games. My first console was a Super Nintendo and for a whole my games of choice were Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario RPG. I did everything solo, and that didn't really change until I met a couple friends in late high school who in short order became my best friends. We played video games together, we played paintball. You know the basic things that were BIG in the early 2000s.

There was one video game in particular that one of those friends, Josh, and I played nonstop.

We played it on my PS2, we played it on his Xbox. It was, and still is, one of our favorite pastimes together. Now this was all in a time before Steam and the whole PC Gaming Community, but we used to play together/against each other on split screen as we faced the other 22 online players in the Instant Action game mode which had similar aspects to most F.P.S. games.

Yet our primary gaming venture was in Galactic Conquest where we faced eachother and battled for control of the galaxy. It had it all, run and gun, points to conquer, upgrades, vehicle combat and jedi's... what else could a guy want in his game.

It was and still remains one of my favorite games of all times, and I can't even begin to express my excitement for Battlefront III's release later this year.


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