ByMelissa Foufos, writer at

I just want to say that I am a huge Johnny Depp fan first off. Second off I hope your not a Christian and judging him like that or any other celebrity. What I want you to do is come to my house for let's say for the next 6 years and I want a before picture of you and then take a picture of you ever single day and see if you gain weight. Your human like Mr. Depp. You will have days that you just don't feel well or don't feel like doing any thing. I'm a female and when I don't feel well I go Albert Einstein. I don't do my hair I don't wear shoes that have to be tied. I put on my pj's and that's how I stay until I get to feeling better. Did you ever stop to think that just maybe on that day where you said he looked oily that maybe just maybe that he could of ran out of his normal hair stuff and the stuff he bought to use done nothing but me his hair oily? No I'm sure you didn't. Until you become famous like him and ever other actress and actor out there you will never know what's going on with them. So I honestly think you should just stop with the negative comments about them all. Like I said I hope for your sake your not a Christian because we are not to judge each other. That's GOD'S job. With that being said I really hope that Mr. Depp is reading the comments and I could somehow meet him.


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