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Beautiful to look at, this new movie tentatively set to open in the U.S. on Halloween 2015, has many key motives that should be making it a compelling choice for every cult movie lover : its dark & brooding tale of vampires is originally set in modern Los Angeles, where a quite unusual and incestuous family of vamps spend their time, existentially bored and addicted to drugs, incapable to give sense to their lives unless wilder and wilder threads and emotional turmoils are put at a task. A perfect mix that evokes with a stylized atmosphere, a decadent society's profile portraying as vampires those who are instead the protagonists of a much more real and truly famous world composed of young jet setters living in the fast lane, burning without remorse a boredom that's the result of having had everything way too soon, without meaning or ideals, without real love and integrity, but only that atrocious superficiality characterized so prominently in classic tales of a lost generation, such as, Bret Easton Ellis' masterpiece "Less than Zero", which was, in fact, an extremely relevant, and intense look at a certain upper scale Los Angeles society examined in cold blood, through an intersecting story telling defining with cold realism the pathetic and empty lives of a bunch of youth inhabitating the wealthiest areas of the city, blessed by an apparent and only superficial privilege, using or reacting to wealth and beauty, while fighting constantly the ugly traps and demons of that same position, in a cruel and static, progressive isolation and alienation, abusing drugs and sex, in order to numb the anguish, the despair and their most raw wounds, screaming from the inside of their derangered souls. Another key element of the narration of "Orgy of the Damned" is definitely its cinematic style : a dark and erotic take, and at the same time, a nostalgic homage to that greater and innovative filmmaking from European horror, goth, and classic erotic / Giallo films, made in a time of unforgettable icons such as the 1960's/1970's, which are highly regarded by the creators of 'Orgy' who have been very close, or just admiring the works of such masters as LUCIO FULCI, MARIO BAVA, LUIGI BAZZONI, DEODATO, MARGHERITI, VADIM, JESS FRANCO, ROLLIN, LADO, QUESTI, DALLAMANO, etc. today very well known and highly regared, genre's Film's directors, that were all key to the career of the executive producer,writer, and leading man of 'Orgy', cult star Domiziano Arcangeli, who had worked with them, when started acting in films as a boy, and thought to be so influential to films and to the envision of Genre's Cinema and its key elements, making them masters of a renovation in Films, which has been also so important to many and so diverse filmmakers in more recent years, who have been using both narratives and visual's lessons from the past, as an aid to establish a more incisive and outstanding modernization in Films, and in the Genre's in general. "Orgy of the Damned" was conceived thinking about those 2 main substantial influences, and wanting to be not only a suspenseful, gory and erotic vampire movie, but also a more profound attempt at analyzing a certain society of decadence, playing rebels without a cause in a World of dangerous liaisons going terribly awry, and, while using more unique film's styles from that sublime top notch school of retro avant guarde, that has been so celebrated for its striking skills in more recent years.

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