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When I first wanted to write scripts, the idea of it was incredible, to create and write stories for a living that everyone could enjoy. As time went by, I realized that I wanted to accomplish something with my scripts. I feel that it is my duty to share to you what that goal is and how I will accomplish it.

I read something in an article, and I'm just paraphrasing, that states every single waiter, bartender, and host in LA is trying to get in the movie business. If this is accurate, that is fucking crazy. After reading this I thought, "Damn, how am I going to be different from the rest of them?" I have a different movie idea that I think about everyday. What I would do is take that idea and consider how it can be different from any other movie in that genre, especially the acclaimed ones. For example, I am writing a psychological thriller right now so I look at films from Psycho to Gone Girl to see how I can make this one different than all of them. After watching hundreds of thrillers and reading hundreds of scripts, I realized what my goal was, and it wasn't to try to be different from other films.

My goal as a screenplay writer is to not only tell the best stories to entertain audiences, but to tell these stories in a way viewers have never really experienced, and never really thought of. Lets go back to that thriller I'm writing, the name of it is The Director. When I am writing I don't think of how it could be different from other thrillers, but I ask myself, how could it be different for the audience? I'll explain, lets look at something like film directing and put that as the topic of a story. Think about how you can take something so simple and give the audience a different perspective on that topic. Then create a guideline of that story and write it. That was how The Director was born! It could be realistic or just plain impossible, if you change someone's perspective on that topic, you did your job right.

It can be done with any topic you can imagine. No matter how broad or specific it is, my goal is to take something and change the an audience would usually view it. If I try to beat up my competition, then I am going to beat myself up in the process. The only thing that I need to focus on is myself and what is best for my story. To all my fellow screenplay writers out there, here is my advice, be the best writer you can possibly be. Don't focus on other writers, just focus on yourself.

To accomplish my goal I must first become a professional screenplay writer, and to do that I must keep writing and stick to my goal during the process. It will be a long, challenging journey to get there, but I'm never giving up! I will be keep updating on The Director's progress and will be posting a bunch of other awesome shit about movies. Thank you for reading!


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