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...sniff} your insults... Please. Superman Returns is your rebuttal? Hmmm, I wonder why they recast the role of Superman in that movie? Oh yeah...Christopher Reeve was dead. Not like he could have played the role again anyway prior to that state. The universe was the same. I happened to like that movie very much. I also don't have the attention span of a flea, like most moviegoers these days. I can actually put down my cellphone for a minute or two. So it was on concurrently with Smallville (I used a big word...hope you don't mind. I liked the show, didn't care for the change in backstory. There's so much history with these characters already. The only reason for those kinds of changes is financial. Not to enhance the's to increase viewership/attendance. Incidentally, there's no rule that says I have to like it. I expressed an opinion. You got butthurt by it. Sorry about that (not really...). What reboot was I blabbing about? WARNING: OPINION AHEAD! Hell, let's start with "The New 52," or maybe Batman Begins. Change for the sake of change. Fantastic Four...same thing (Oh, please remind me that FF wasn't DC...please? I can hardly wait!). Amazing Spider Man, with a blue/black Electro (what's that? That wasn't DC either? Thank you, sir, may I have another?)...once again, for the sake of change. I found Batman Begins unwatchable. Didn't like it (holy cow, is that another opinion? I have those, you know...). Star Trek? Don't get me started... Been a comics fan/sci-fi geek my entire existence. You think I "don't possess enough brain matter to tell two different universes apart?" This, from someone whose reply began and ended with a personal attack, like you were the one that personally created these characters. "Someone like you" is probably right now locked in the bathroom with a picture of Gal Gadot, waiting for Mom to go to work so he can have some "private time, " while typing insults with his free hand. I won't watch, most likely, if they actually do something like that...but I won't be silent. Thank you, Aaron Hubbard, for posting the link that you did, and doing so in a non-insulting manner. I understand their "reasons" for keeping them separate but, like I said to SpankBoy here, I don't have to like it. That's the beauty of opinions.

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