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Some times in this world there are going to be ups and downs and in the case of Gavin Woods' Adaptation of James Howlette's Destiny yo become the Wolverine is Comic books movies ultimate example. Now let's Face it people the movie itself wasn't all bad..... Well it wouldn't have been except for one thing. GOD DAMN BARAKAPOOL!!!!

Leiv Schreiber Was outstandingly brilliant as Victor AKA "Sabretooth", as was Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson Prior to becoming Weapon 11. After this transformation Reynolds Character was lost in what I am assuming was Fox's Belief that if something can't destroy a building with just a touch it is most likely broken. It was a disaster!!!!! Deadpool Fans worldwide were Killing this monstrosity of a adaptation on fire to no avail until his solo film was announced and with the trailers Deadpool was born as he should always be.

But what of Barakapool? I mean aside the barrage of insults that we all expect in his upcoming film he is pretty much going down in hitory as a huge blunder.

Yes that is right I am suggesting the unthinkable, Fox should bring back the Character as another version altogether. As we have all heard the Current Deadpool and Gambit movies are connected to the X-men Cinematic universe with Days of Future pretty much rewriting (and saying our movies didn't suck because now they technically never happened) everything can be brought into a half way decent perspective.

So... How does bringing "it" back fix the damage it has done to fans the world over? Here's how!

First I want you to Look at the post credit scene of Wolverine.... I'm sorry to do this to you but you will hopefully thank me later.

Ok you watched it?.... Good, now what is the two defining points one might notice about Barakapool during this sequence? The first being He is obviously alive and well, and the second is that he is still just a severed head.

Do you see where i am going with this.. No??? Well then you are not a true Deadpool fan (Deadpooligan :P) because he could be played off as none other than Deadpool corps very own Headpool!

Deadpool and Headpool Just Chillin' and Killin'
Deadpool and Headpool Just Chillin' and Killin'

How does this work exactly? Well you see What we know and what we don't know about Brakapool is what can work in Fox's favor.

So, what do we Know/ not know?

We know he has two katana styled swords to combat that of Wolverine's claws, What we don't know is what metal it is made of and whether or not it coats His entire body like Wolverne. Sure the assumption could be that the answer to these questions is Adamantium and Yes he does but the beauty in it all is that it was never Said directly. This leaves ones mind to wonder on some things. The initial thought being the rarity of Adamantium. It is the primary focus of the Beginning of the movie and like the comics is said to be beyond a rare metal to come across. So why not say that the metal used was just standard metal because they simply didn't have any left or they simply couldn't afford more. Being Rare Adamantium would realistically make gold look as expensive as a lollipop and being a government operated division they have Budgets just like you and me and giving Wolverine's bones a dip was all they ended up affording. as Dangerous As Weapon 11 is made out to be and with Healing that trumps both Animalistic brothers unbreakable bones aren't really that big a deal.

Another reason for this would be because of how his head was removed. It was removed by a set of Adamantium claws super heated by his own heat vision. Looking at it from a logical Stand point in order to get the claws hot enough to do such damage chances are the claws would melt before would be capable o such a feat as achieved. As for his swords themselves it is stated by Wade in the beginning of the film how much he loves his swords, so maybe they were inserted by Wade's request/ For defense against Some Metal claws he might have to protect himself from.

So how does this connect to Headpool?

The answer again stems fro the post credit scene and what is known to us. all be see is Deadpool's Head and arm, the rest of his body is covered by Heavey rubble. Going by the assumptions I have made Headpool could be Created by the fact his body cant reform because it is crushed and he only has one arm to move the ruins off of the remains to start the process of healing to begin with. Another Possibility is that the super heated claws Cauterized his flesh upon its removal. It is made very clear by hi survival that Barakapool's Healing abilities are not the same as Wolverines or Sabretooth's. So maybe he is unable to attach his head back on Causing it to die eventually. This would be because Wolverine's Healing Stems From his Brain and it is was damaged he would die. Being Deadpool's Healing Definitely Came from him It can be established it is the Same case for him, only it is enhanced to the point beyond wolverine's allowing his brain to heal when Damaged regardless. His body would die but his head would survive.

How Does this Connect to Headpool's origin?

Headpool is from an alternate reality where all heroes and villains are zombies, in Deadpools case he actually loses his body and doesn't recover it. With all movie- comic book adaptation there is no chance that the story will stay cannon 100% in the case of Barakapool becoming Headpool one thing can stay the same. With the Events of Days of Future Past altering history one thing is for sure. Upon returning to his body Wolverine was in an Alternate reality caused by the changes he made. This means Everything that happened in the previous film exists on an alternate plain of reality. This would include Headpool Keeping his origin of being from an alternate world Cannon to the comics. As for the Laser eyes, see the metal around them? yeah? That probably helps him turn the on and off unlike Cyclops who they stole the ability from. If it was damaged maybe he would lose that power all together.( also backs the Cauterizing theory as the scar tissue never regenerated around them)

Why doe it even Matter if he can Be Headpool?

It matters because it give hope for a Deadpool Corps Movie. It would set the foreground for one of the main Members of the Group. With Rumors of A second Deadool Movie Being Written up it has been confirmed that in such a case Cable will be the newest addition. It would be dumb (also because they are a company that always want to milk something for every penny) if they didn't the trifecta and to top Cable the Corps themselves are the only real option. How do you make Deadpool better After all? MAKE MORE OF HIM!!

Final thoughts.

Fox made a huge mistake when they green lit The monstrosity known as Barakapool, but with mistakes comes the opportunity to learn and improve. Fox has already taken a step in the right direction just by simply listening to the fans and giving us the REAL Merc with a mouth. The fact is Barakapool can never be forgotten, but he could possibly be salvaged to an extent healing some broken hearts in the process.


Do you Think Barakapool becoming Headpool is a good idea?


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