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Not a whole lot of actual new stuff is going down in the world of True Detective lately, which probably shouldn't be a surprise given that season 2 ended not so long ago, but that doesn't satiate my withdrawal symptoms. Instead, I thought it would be fun to present a round-up of the latest fun things to hit the internet, like the awesome Drive-influenced fanmade title sequence I posted already, and the equally impressive recreation of season 1's credits made on GTA V which you can watch below.

I also thought in the absence of much real news it would be interesting to keep tabs on the True Detective family from both seasons - not just the all-star casts but the unsung heroes from behind the scenes - and what they're doing now (and a lot of what they're doing now is pretty damn promising). True Detective is almost more a cultural phenomenon than a mere TV series, so I'll always take an interest in where the people who made it great are going next. First up...

Nic Pizzolatto just won a GQ award...

...for writer of the year. You can see his acceptance speech below. He cracks a couple of jokes but generally remains shrouded in his cloak of enigma, which is how we've come to know the unknowable writer of True Detective. Of course, the award was given in recognition of season 1, because nobody wants to admit that they liked season 2, but a win's a win, right?

Cary Fukunaga could be on the Oscars trail

Back when it was cool to like True Detective (seems like a long, long time ago right now), one of the elements of the show which routinely won major praise was the direction, courtesy of the hugely talented Cary Fukunaga. Despite being credited as a producer, Fukunaga had zero involvement in season 2 (which opens a whole other can of worms about Hollywood's absurd habit of giving out credits like jelly sweets, but let's not go there...) and instead turned his attentions to Beasts of No Nation, the Netflix thriller that now has a trailer.

Looking good, right? So good in fact that there's already early Oscars buzz for Idris Elba, and potentially in the writing/directing categories too. Being a Netflix original movie could harm its chances, mind you, seeing as the Oscar voters are usually a little more "traditional" in their viewing habits (ie. they're all ancient), but maybe the movie will be good enough to transcend that. Either way it's great to see a member of the original True Detective family going on to win recognition elsewhere - even if a lot of us might harbour hope that Fukunaga could return to the fold one day in the near future...

Rachel McAdams will be hooking up with Doctor Strange

Or at least, her character (thought to be the sorceress Clea) will. Yup, this has basically been Hollywood's worst kept secret for the past several weeks, but McAdams finally confirmed her involvement in the Marvel movie this week.

That's Clea on the right, btw. She's pretty direct.
That's Clea on the right, btw. She's pretty direct.

If you're not into your superheroes, this could be the excuse you need to be inducted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it's a great place to start - Doctor Strange isn't much like any other superhero, dabbling more in science and magic than superpowers. The film, which is out next November, is thought to be an origin story which explains his remarkable transition from a leading neurosurgeon to the titular doctor by way of a car accident, and the role of Clea is a pretty juicy one which we all know McAdams will be able to handle with ease. Her character's powers include levitation and mind control - luckily, fans of True Detective season 2 are already quite adept at suspending their disbelief.

If you only ever watch one Youtube parody in your life should probably be this one, which riffs on Everybody Loves Raymond with a spot-on satire of Ray Velcoro, and a special guest appearance from the gangster who has meetings, Frank Semyon.

It's enough to make you wonder what True Detective would be like if written by somebody who didn't have the least favourable view of human nature possible. Hats off to everybody involved.

Some people are too talented

Yes, it really is possible to have too much talent, as amply demonstrated by this fanmade Grand Theft Auto V recreation of the season 1 title sequence.

Youtuber llachlann devised these 90 seconds of pure genius. It's pretty fun to see True Detective's cultural impact outside of articles written on TV websites and the usual Twitter commentary. It also highlights the importance of a strong aesthetic in future seasons of the show, so fingers crossed more super-creative fans feel powered up to create goodies like this during the drought in the coming months.

And finally, a season 3 dream cast...

The gorgeous fanmade, '80s influenced title sequence from a couple of weeks back imagined a season 3 cast comprising Jake Gyllenhaal and Cara Delevingne among others, which got me thinking about my own season 3 dream cast. So without further ado:

  • Walton Goggins. The Justified star (next seen in The Hateful Eight) is always great value as a villain, but here I envisage him as a good guy whose wife goes missing in mysterious circumstances, and who sets out to find her before the eye of suspicion turns on him.
  • Patricia Clarkson. This woman radiates chemistry and gave an excellent turn as a morally corrupt corporate exec in the underrated The East a couple of years back. In my season 3 she'd be a Presidential aide who stumbles upon some seriously bloody corruption in the country's highest office, and who must decide whether to risk her family's safety in order to uncover the full extend of it.
  • Eva Green. A Hollywood name who frequently does TV, Green always infuses her characters with enough ambiguity not be simply good or bad. Here she'd be a nameless, bike-riding assassin working for a secret shadow organisation and given the mission of taking out the President of the United States.
Patricia Clarkson could be a killer fit for True Detective
Patricia Clarkson could be a killer fit for True Detective

Maybe I'll share more of those ideas in future, or maybe they're terrible and need to remain locked in a box marked "True Detective season 19".

Are you pleased to see Cary Fukunaga and Rachel McAdams go on to great things with their follow-up projects? Got some creative artwork to share, or an idea for season 3? Leave a comment and make yourself heard...


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