ByPeter Slice, writer at

Now I love Daredevil and think Marvel seamlessly transitioned into an more enjoyable adult crime drama then your usual superhero summer blockbuster with their Netflix adaptations.

We'll have to wait and see if the Defenders will keep the Dark Knight ultra gritty feel that Daredevil so graciously pulled off but I for one am hoping it stays this way.

The reason?

Marvel introducing more adult characters without having to worry about a 12A certificate.

Characters like Moon Knight, Spider Woman, Deathlok and Punisher are all being considered for stand alone series' after the Defenders, all of which would need a 15 age rating if they wanted any chance of doing the source material and the fans justice.

With characters Deathlok and Punisher already apart of the MCU I can see these series being a reality.

Then what's after that? Blade? Ghost Rider? Nick Fury? Venom? Elektra?

All possibilities if Marvel can get the rights.

I hope that the Netflix universe just continues to expand while keeping the darker tone.


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