ByDavid Crider, writer at
...t in the video you posted, or is this your interpretation of his statement. My interpretation is "1 black and the rest are white, we need a white director to understand the white people". I keep hearing from the hollywood types, they are not contributing to the corruption of our culture, they just reflect the culture. Well 80% of our culture is white, and in white circles you may only run into 1-3 black, math makes it impossible to be as equal as the liberal PC police are demanding. There is no way to please them who refuse to look at simple facts, there is not a gay person or a dude in a dress around every corner of every block of every town, just a teeny tiny % and even fewer dudes in dresses. But they choose to shove them in our faces and force to praise them for a degenerate lifestyle or your branded a racist also. Look to history, and see what made this country great, a bunch of white men, and a group of black, asian, and latino's proportionate to the population percentage. But mostly by a vast majority white. Now look at the prison population 20% white 50% black. Do white people need to commit more serious crimes to even things out? Because contrary to CNN and MSNBC and the White House briefings, they are not in prison for the the fact that they are black.

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