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While speaking with E! Online about The Martian, actress Kate Mara had a few choice words - in jest, it seems - about The Fantastic Four , her first venture into the realm of superhero films. Alongside her co-stars, Sebastian Stan and Michael Peña, Mara joked about her film's lack of success in comparison to the likes of Ant-Man and [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973), saying, "Mine was the biggest success, I just want to put it out there."

Though the film's reception went sour before it even premiered, Mara held her head up high, cracking on the box office bomb in the best spirits one can seemingly muster after being part of one. When Sebastian Stan admitted he hadn't yet seen the film, Mara quipped: "Neither did the rest of the world."

She went on to admit that she "didn't even see the one that's out there," referring to the reported previous cut of the film that director Josh Trank referred to in a now-deleted tweet.

Regardless of failure, the actress seemed to keep her head up:

I've certainly been a part of movies that people are not very thrilled about, so it's nice to be in something people love, that you loved working on.

With talks of sequels and crossovers bubbling around FOX, Mara will likely return to the role of Sue Storm in future films, but there's no confirmation as of yet.


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