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When it comes to bringing comic book characters to life, accuracy and respect to the source are massively important to geeky moviegoers. It may not seem like most actors take that seriously, but for Josh Brolin, bringing The Mad Titan to life with respect to his comic book counterpart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is priority one.

Speaking with Collider at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actor discussed his excitement for the role, and how important the responsibility of portraying the iconic villain is to him:

It wasn’t until I was doing this movie [Sicario], I walked into a comic book store in Albuquerque and I saw a guy who recognized me as Thanos, who basically had a minor stroke, and I was afraid because his reaction was so severe.
More severe than I’ve ever seen any reaction to any actor or somebody recognizable, and I realized Thanos was his life. Thanos was his savior. The whole thing was his — it’s like he woke up in the morning swallowed and ate these words in these comic books. So it means a lot. I get the responsibility and I take it with great care.

Elaborating on his role within the universe, Brolin gave fans a taste of what to expect concerning his near future, hinting at what might occur when Thanos eventually faces the Avengers:

It’s the type of character where it’s him against all of the Avengers, which is fantastic in itself, but doing it is a very different type of acting. So I was a little nervous in the beginning.

We've only been given a peek at Brolin's Thanos in comparison to the hell that he is likely to unleash upon our heroes soon enough. Still, fans have given him a mostly warm reception, which comes as something of a surprise in comparison to the initial reveals of many comic book characters on the big screen. With that ongoing relationship of fan respect and Brolin's dedication to the part, it's going to be very exciting to see what the Mad Titan gets up to next.


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