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Moviepilot creator, Mike Mack, started the 5 Day Movie Challenge, and it was a huge success with our creators. Since everyone was excited to share their personal experiences and opinions about movies and TV, I thought I'd shake it up a little bit. I want to start another challenge: The 5 Day Gaming Challenge.

Starting now, I challenge you to tell us your favorite gaming stories and opinions. The categories for this challenge are as follows:

Day 1: Game that brings on gamer rage

Day 2: Best multiplayer game

Day 3: Longest binge on one game

Day 4: Game you play over and over

Day 5: Game that should get re-released/ get a sequel

To start, I'm nominating these 5 Moviepilot creators (You'll have to start from day one!) to join in this challenge:

Matthew Supprenant

Jonathan Weaver

Jonah Crandall

Ed Winston

Austin Black

The game you play over and over is : Again... A lot of games. I'm truly a gamer so there's never just one!

Today's article is going to look a lot like yesterdays because they kind of go hand in hand. The games I binge the most are the ones I play over and over again.

The Sims- I don't just binge play this game. I start over all the time. I play it in a million different ways depending on my mood. Sometimes I play a poor person who plays music to get by, other times I'm practically as rich as Batman. I've even made Batman and Wonder Woman once. It was awesome!

Europa 1400- As in my article yesterday, I've been playing this games since I was nine years old. Europa is like the Sims except it's a really well thought out game that goes above and beyond the Sims in terms of theme and purpose. Like the Sims you can pretty much play it anyway you want to.

Minecraft- I have so many maps! Not to mention the fact that you can play multiplayer with friends (looking at you Cassie, Nick, and Jack). My favorite this to do in Minecraft is to build giant cities and secret lairs.

Any First-Person-Shooter- Give me a few good maps and an awesome team and I could play these games for days on end. I sometimes find myself missing my old clan from Combat Arms and how we used to play every night. It's too bad that game got completely ruined by hackers.

What are some games that you can play over and over again? Share your favorite games in a post of your own!

Be sure to tag your posts as #5 Day Game Challenge so we can see them all!


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