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Jayland Cartman

Hey eveyone,

I know its been awhile since your've heard from your good ole pal wade...I...uhr.. mean Jayland Yep thats right the guy that wrote the 10 ways to know that your deadpool. I haven't been writing anything for a while because I've been in the hospital because I was SHOT... with what you might ask A GUN!!!!!!

Its all fine and dandy...Space Dandy... anyways Im here to show off my awesome creators box that I got for writing that little article about yours truly... I mean Deadpool. This box had the coolest little me...uhr... Deadpool funko plush doll thingy in it and an awesome pair of mp glasses with a really nice heart felt note for me to read, I dont like to read but this was worth it.

MP Creator box with goodies in it.
MP Creator box with goodies in it.

Yep just look at the beutiful greenscreen background, awesome stylish eyewear, neatly writen note from Julian on the MP Community Team, and the devilishly handome Deadpool fabrikation Deadpool by Funko.

Im getting better and going home today so PLEASE be looking forward to some awesome comic,movie,gaming, and whatever else I can find that is interesting stories and post coming from me real soon.

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