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I'm not going to lie to you here folks, this article isn't a confirmation evidence of Thor's appearance in the civil war, just that it can open your mind a bit. I've been doing research upon the Marvel story arc Civil War and something came up. Thor. Now how does Thor become so important between a war with the first Avenger Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, and the billionaire tech genius Tony Stark aka Iron Man, where a big issue causes the heroes to fight each other?

The Civil War started when the superhero celebrities known as the new warriors, were fighting a group of villains. One of those villains was named Nitro. As they were fighting Nitro, Nitro decided to blow up the entire area.

As a result, many people died, including a whole school of children. As an after effect, the U.S. government decided to pass a pro-registration act where all heroes and super villains must reveal their identities and work for the government. Of course Cap decided not to as many heroes have second lives and can't risk their love ones hurt. I mean in Captain America 3: Winter Soldier, we learn that hydra is basically S.H.I.E.L.D. Also in [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) we learn the same thing. Hydra has all info regarding to probably everything. As in the movie they even know about Stephen Strange or Doctor Strange. So cap basically has trust issues.

Moving back on track here, in the story arc, Cap assembles his resistance and form the secret Avengers to take down super villains, as Iron Man forgotten how dangerous the villains are and became a mindless soldier in capturing Cap and his righteous resistance. At least cap is still doing his work unlike the government forgetting the world still needs saving (hypercrits). Iron Man eventually realizes there goals and sets a trap for them. Cap and his Avengers fall for it and the two sides go all out.

As the battle rages, Cap realizes they can fight another day, so with the help of Cloak, they escape. But not before one of theirs falls. Goliath. You see, Goliath decide to hold someone back, enough to have his friend escape. That person was Thor. Thor is the reason why cap escaped anyways. Thor was causing a whole lot of mess, and chaos erupted. Goliath though he could hold Thor off. But in the end....

" and thats when Goliath knew....he f(*&%$ up"
" and thats when Goliath knew....he f(*&%$ up"

He died!!!

Eventually though we find out that that wasn't Thor. Well our Thor. We find out that that was a cyborg clone of Thor! Tony retrieved a hair sample of Thor, using it too make a clone of Thor. But it malfunctioned and caused a casualty. What do you expect? In a war there is always causalities. After this, Iron Man goes a little loco..

wow tony....asshole
wow tony....asshole

So can we expect a clone Thor in Cap third movie? Who knows... Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right. What do you think?


Do you think A clone of Thor will be in Captain America: Civil War?


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