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It's ok, you haven't seen The Sopranos (either have I in its entirety), you haven't seen Lost (overrated), and you're too far behind to want to catch up on Game of Thrones (worth it), yet you still ask people for a new show to watch. I get it, sometimes in the back of your head you have already concluded that as much as you want to, you will never start certain shows. I've been putting off Seinfeld for years- sure I've seen some episodes but I've always meant to dive in and do it right, yet here I am watching upwards of 12 shows at a time but don't give in to what is considered one of if not the greatest show of all time.

If you're like me, and know you won't be starting the shows everyone is telling you to, I've put together the Top 3 Shows You've Never Seen. Each one has a Pilot that is guaranteed to hook you- no "but just get to the middle of Season 2 it gets amazing"- just straight up consistently very good and wildly entertaining TV.

1) Friday Night Lights

From the first episode to the finale, just wow. You know when you see an amazing painting or sculpture and think "well when do they know when to stop", but obviously they did because it looks so good? That's this show in a nutshell. From the first brush to the final stroke, it is flat out amazing and personally my #1 show of all-time. All episodes available on Netflix.

2) Hello Ladies

If ever there was a show that was cut too short, this would be the one. An unbelievable cringe-worthy comedy about a tall awkward 30 something and his quest/inability to pick-up women, Stephen Merchant (The Office) and an insanely strong supporting cast at least got a 90 minute movie to wrap things up. Be warned: this show will literally make you seep deeper and deeper under the covers by the second. All episodes available on HBOGo.

3) The Inbetweeners (UK)

Four best buds and their immature and painful experiences navigating adolescence? There's more than one good reason this UK show got two movies and a US based version. A modern day Freaks and Geeks with the acting chops that can hang with the best and rest of em'. All episodes and movies available on Netflix.


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