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Alisha Grauso

A cool little tidbit for Marvel and Spider-Man fans: We've known for a while that Spider-Man has existed behind the scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a kid running around in the background, fighting crime in a homemade suit, but we've not known for how long, exactly.

But a new rumor from Heroic Hollywood puts a timeline on his crime-fighting. According to HH's sources, Peter Parker will have been wearing the mantle of Spider-Man for about a year by the time the events of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). But the more interesting part of this tidbit is that Spider-Man has already taken on mythic qualities, considered an urban legend around New York.

And if we're looking ahead to the standalone Spider-Man headed our way in 2017, the timeline is such that he'll have been Spidey for about two years at that point, so the events of his solo movie will take place a year after Civil War. That could create some very interesting storylines for the film. How does a 16-year-old kid handle the mundane, day to day of attending high school when a year before, he was caught in a superpowered battle that pitted friend against friend?


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