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Have you ever wondered what happens to balloons when you let it go? How high do they go? Where do they land? How long do they stay afloat?

I have always been on the 'letting go' side when it came to balloons and now I have the bright idea of strapping cameras to them.


If you've never seen a GoPro before.. it's small! Small enough that Stanford students decided to attach it to a craft and let it float into the sky!

They were hoping to use the GPS from the rig that they attached the GoPro in order to figure out the location. Unfortunately for them the GPS stopped working after it landed.

However, two years later an AT&T agent found the footage and has graciously returned the footage to the owners. Take a look below to see the amazing trip.

It is seriously amazing!

But honestly knowing my luck.. that GoPro would've smacked me straight in the head when it landed. Just imagine how fast it was going on the way down!?

It literally looks like a movie with a crash landing scene!


What could've gone wrong?!


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