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Day 3 of the 5 Day Gaming Challenge, here is a list of the challenges:

  • Day 1: Game that brings on gamer rage
  • Day 2: Best multiplayer game
  • Day 3: Longest binge on one game
  • Day 4: Game you play over and over
  • Day 5: Game that should get re-released/ get a sequel

I'm more of a casual gamer. I don't play super hard impossible to beat levels, I don't really like the old NES/SEGA games unless I'm playing with friends because they're really hard for me and usually for no reason. The only old games I'm good at is Pacman and Galaga. Still, even as a casual player I still can get lost in hours of playing as easily as the more hardcore players, especially if the story is good.

I got Grand Theft Auto 5 as my first ever pre-order midnight release. I stood online for about an hour and a half waiting for it. I know the whole pre-order thing is kind of a silly concept, I mean it's not like they're going to run out of the game and you've already paid for it. People will be coming out 10 am the next day and getting the same game you had to wait on line for. Still it was something I wanted to experience in my life. It was an interesting energy around the place full of fans waiting to get the game. Casually conversing about what they were expecting out of the game and what games they may end up pre-ordering in the future. Was the experience worth waiting an hour and a half give or take a half for a game I didn't get to play until the morning because it refused to work for some reason, not really but life is about the memories we make.

Still though when I think about binge gaming I think no sleep breaks. With a lot of games it's not as easy as it used to be to binge them. Grand Theft Auto however, is extremely binge worthy. I was adamant about not sleeping until I beat the game. I don't really remember exactly how long I stayed up but I was up for a good while playing this. It's definitely the longest I've played a non-rpg game. The good thing that they've done with this game is make it both challenging and long. A lot of games believe that if the game is challenging it makes up for it being short and other games think it being really long makes up for it being way to easy although that might be contradictory considering if it's easy it shouldn't take you too long. Like reading 40-50 pages of Tolstoy would probably take the same time as reading 100 pages of Amelia Bedelia or Dr Seuss. Still though, after hours of shooting people in the face it's kind of important to take a break and breathe it out. Story mode tends to take you to a dark place other shooters don't.


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