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As I wrote an article stating what Superhero movies needed a reboot. Well, I have included seven more that will hopefully be made again.

1. Constantine

This would be amazing to see on the big screen again. Especially now that the DCU universe is getting underway. What DC have for them that Marvel hasn't is that all of their superhero movies are all linked and are owned by WB. WB have the entire DC universe under their belt. Which would include Constantine. I actually thought that the Keanu Reeves movie was good but unfortunately for the movie itself it had no linked universe to feed the franchise on. Now imagine what WB could do with Constantine? He would be part of Justice League Dark..he would have a crossover with other dark indie characters like Swamp Thing And Deadman.

Obviously NBC cancelled the mini series of Constantine. However, the series just did not pay homage to what the essence of Constantine was about. Would you like to see a proper remake of Constantine?

2. The Punisher

We have to forget about Thomas Janes 2004 movie (I thought it was good) and the god awful Punisher Warzone. The newest incarnation of the Punisher is the brilliant Josh Bernthal. He will be in the second series of Marvels Daredevil. But what about beyond that? Would a mainstream Punisher movie work today? Yes of course it would considering that the mini MCU is connected to the MCU. If Bernthals Punisher is a success ( which he will be) Marvel could and should expand their cinematic roster.

It would give Marvel a wider audience in including their darker hero's. The one negative aspect of the MCU is that it does tend to be to nice. I mean no mainstream characters get killed and the story always ends up a happy one. This is where the Punisher who can connect with Blade, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Ronin as part of the awesome Thunderbolts. The Punisher is one of Marvels most popular Anti-Hero's and definitely deserves another reboot.

3. The Phantom

The Phantom is one of the oldest superheroes.

Created in 1936 by Lee Falk, The Phantom dwells deep in jungles of the African nation of Bangalla. The "Ghost Who Walks" has battled pirates and criminals for more than 400 years! The lineage of the Phantoms passes down through generation to generation. The Phantom is a highly skilled fighter who adapts to nature (often communicating with animals).

The Phantom made the majority of his stories through comic strips and then eventually the Phantom would be distributed by DC and then Marvel respectively.

After a period of absence The Phantom made it to the big screen in 1996 with Billy Zane as our hero. Unfortunately however, the movie bombed at the box office. This was due to a weak plot and terrible character development. Because of the failure of the movie, the two planned sequels were binned.

However, Dynamite Entertainment issued a revamp of the series titled The Last Phantom. This series is a upgrade to the earlier stories along with its very dark and violent undertone.

If a reboot is made the industry should look into the Last Phantom. A brilliant series.

4. Flash Gordon

Is there anyone who didn't love the cheesy but thoroughly enjoyable 1980 movie. It may of failed at the box office but became a hit afterwards in VHS sells. It received a huge cult following also with many fans wanting to see Flash Gordon return to the big screen. I would love to see Flash Gordon return because he is a classic character but the universe he is in is vast which means that more stories could be told. You have the Hawkmen, The Baron armies, Mudd Warriors, Eradicators etc. Just like John Carter of Mars...there is so much potential.

Flash Gordon kicking ass!

Once again Dynamite Entertainment have been brilliant in revitalising franchises. They have John Carter of Mars, Green Hornet, and Flash Gordon. It would be a successful move (honestly believe that) if a distributer has faith in Gordon.

5. Darkman

Dr. Peyton Westlake was a scientist working on creating a synthetic skin graft for burn victims, and skin cancer patients. Westlake had a run-in with crime lord, Robert G. Durant. Durant tried to have Westlake killed and ordered his men to blow up Westlake's lab.

However, Westlake survived the assassination attempt but he was severely burnt in the process. Westlake would vow revenge on Durant and in doing so he would create ways to assume other identities. Darkman is also very unhinged due to the beating and aftermath of it. However, Darkman has also the use of agility and strength. He can leap further than any other human. He is much stronger than the average human male. He is also quicker but the best power of all is that Darkman feels no pain!

Darkman with Ash.

Darkman was the few movies that had the original story through film first. Sam Raimi wanted to direct The Shadow and Batman but was unsuccessful. However, he decided to pitch a new superhero altogether in Darkman in 1990. The movie stared Liam Neeson as Darkman and what.followed was a surprise hit by Raimi. Darkman has the essence of a character you would cheer for and he does deserve another reboot.

6. Steel

Anyone who actually watched (myself) Shaquille O'Neils Steel will know that it was simply terrible! If I pointed out how bad it was I would be publishing a novel so you have to trust me that it's simply.....bad! Anyway, a Steel movie would be amazing in the future. So Steel is a man named John Henry Irons who creates a Alum - Type Steel suit to fight crime. His skin can also morph into a Steel like skin along with his suit, Steel is very formidable. Irons wears the 'S' logo just like Superman as he is very influenced by the Man of Steel.

Steel is primarily in Superman's universe. So we can assume that once Henry Cavill's Superman gets underway then we will see Steel in the future.

7. The Rockateer

Cliff Secord was a hotshot stunt pilot who one day discovered a mysterious package in his plane. When unwrapping the package, he discovers a mysterious jetpack. Using this jetpack, Cliff Secord fights crime as the Rocketeer.

The Rockateer is set in 1938 and has the unique feel of a flying Indiana Jones vibe to him. The Rockateer was a mainstream movie in 1991 with Billy Campbell in the title role. The movie was a success with critiques and fans but Disney (who owned the rights) were disheartened because it did not make as much money as they expected. So, the planned sequels were binned and Rockateer has been in development he'll ever since.

The one plus for the Rockateer is the universe that he is in. During his time in early publications he has been in storylines with The Spirit, The Phantom, Tarzan, and (mentioned only) Indiana Jones. He has also encountered historical figures such as Howard Hughes and Hedy Lemarr.

IDW Publishing are currently writing the Rockateer Comics and to be honest...they are great. Just like Indiana Jones, Rockateer has the nostalgic feeling of a classic time period like the war and the characters. There is so much potential (in all the characters I mentioned for the big screen) for the Rockateer that hopefully we will see him flying to our screens in the future.


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