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I know some of you may be surprised at the fact that I'm okay with the Animorphs rumors being proved false.

An Update by Michael Grant
An Update by Michael Grant

You might be wondering why I wouldn't want to see my most beloved series on the big screens. Don't I want to let Animorphs onto the world when every other Young Adult series is getting a series of movies?

Here are five reasons that I hope should explain my reasoning to you.

Still from the Goosebumps Trailer
Still from the Goosebumps Trailer

1.) The Gossebumps Trailer

When I saw everyone in the Animorphs fandom going crazy over the Goosebumps trailer, I had to see it for myself. Fellow Fanimorphs (aka Animorphs fans) were certain that the Goosebumps movie meant the time was ripe for an Animorphs movie.

Both series were released around the same time.

When I saw the trailer for myself I just... I didn't have high hopes for any Animorphs movie.

An Exclusive Look at the Execs
An Exclusive Look at the Execs

2.) Doesn't Seem to be in Good Hands

If the same people who made the Goosebumps movie are in charge of the Animorphs movie...yeah, it would be doomed.

Plus there were some rumors going around about the "sci-fi" elements being focused on. Which is... Animorphs is a sci-fi series! I hope the sci-fi elements would be looked at.

So why not make clarifications like that about the realistic depictions of war? The same dark atmosphere of the books?

No? The sci-fi elements is the only thing being mentioned?

Visser Three from the old Animorphs tv show
Visser Three from the old Animorphs tv show

3.) Afraid of a Repeat of the TV Show

For all of you who haven't suffered this particular tv show, you are blessed. You are the chosen ones.

For the rest of you: you know the horror.

The poor graphics are not worth getting angry about as there are so many other things. Character assassination on people like Tobias. Anything dark that made you question the morality of the characters was gone. The Controllers fled quickly from a quick roar when they have WEAPONS to fight back with.

There was no respect for the series in it and I'm glad I don't have to suffer fearing for a bad adaptation for now.

J.J. Abrams
J.J. Abrams

4.) Director Wasn't Chosen

Now I know right after the initial announcement it doesn't mean much if a director hasn't been chosen. However, a good director can do a lot to help to ease uneasiness.

The one director that helps ease any of my uneasiness is J.J.Abrams.

I May or May Not Have a Folder Called Hawkward
I May or May Not Have a Folder Called Hawkward

5.) K.A.Applegate and Michael Grant (Applegrant) Wouldn't Be Involved

This is really the biggest reason not to be in favor of the Animorphs movie that was rumored. The creators (collectively called Applegrant) wouldn't be involved.

Know what other adaptation didn't have their input? Yep, the tv show.

A bunch of Fanimorphs were talking about them being directors which...I don't know how well they know how to direct. Directing isn't just about the script, but a lot more than that.

However, I would've loved for Applegrant to either work on the script and/or have say with what could be done with their work.

Are you happy or sad that there is no Animorphs movie on the way? Why?

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