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Video game movies to this point have been, well, disappointing, rubbish or the worst movies of all time (Super Mario Bro). but in the next couple of years there will be around 12 Video game movies released and hopefully some of them make video game adaptations good.

After the release of the Angry Birds movie trailer (which I like but think it was a dumb choice for a movie), I started thinking about what other video games should be made into movies. I came up with a bunch of suggestions, but managed to shorten them down to 5.

Here they are:

GTA- Grand Theft Auto

It's really no surprise that GTA is on here as it is of the most beloved and successful franchises of all time. As a movie I feel that they should do what Assassins Creed is doing which is having a movie that adds to their franchise instead of making a direct adaptation (even though seeing Trevor on the big screen would be something else). Having a GTA styled film with a new main character or characters stealing cars, robbing banks, killing people, swearing and R rated violence would make a ton of money and could be amazing!

Saints Row

From one gangster styled video game to another. Comparing GTA to Saints Row is like comparing a Marvel movie to a DC movie. One is dark, brooding, raining most the time and quite serious and the other is more childish, goofy, doesn't take its self that seriously and has fun with it. That's what saints row is! With the franchise seemingly dead, now would be the perfect time to do a film adaptation!

How it's done is well a matter of opinion personally, I would be gloss over the first saints row and focus the story on the the second or third game in the franchise. Could you imagine how ridiculous it could be with gangsters becoming famous celebrities and endorsing various products.


Pikmin at first seems like a very weird choice for a film adaptation, but when you think of the story it could work as a movie very well. An alien (Captain Olimar) crash lands on a giant alien planet where he only has 30 days of life support to repair his shape and return home. He discovers tiny indigenous creatures he calls Pikmin, and uses them to help him recover the missing parts of his spaceship. The Pikmin are small and defenseless, but together with Captain Olimar, the two aliens find ways to help each other survive.

It sounds like a really weird cool story a mix of The Martian,Cast-Away but with that hint of Ant-Man which could make this Series a very interesting and different Film.


[Prototype] is an interesting Franchise quite unique and would be very good horror, action, thriller film the synopsis of [Prototype] is this:

[Prototype] takes place in Manhattan where a Virus known as BLACKLIGHT has mutated most of the people of Manhattan into infected monsters, Alexander J. Mercer who wakes up in a morgue in the basement of Gentek, a genetic engineering company. He escapes and is attacked by security, he survives bullets being fired into his chest, and leaps over a wall to safety. He soon discovers he now possesses powerful shapeshifting abilities, superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, senses, endurance, weaponry and the ability to "consume" people to gain their memories, skills and appearance. With no memory of his previous life, Alex decides to find and consume those related to the conspiracy in order to uncover the truth of what happened to him. This property is very different and could work if done right would look visually beautiful.


Mass Effect if you didnt already know is a space adventure game centred around Commander Sheppard whose mission is to save the galaxy from a race of powerful, mechanical, beings known as the Reapers and their agents.

Mass Effect is the Star Wars of Video games it is one of the greats and should get its own move except there is so much in the first Mass Effect it could be 3 movies which is either a good thing or a bad thing in perspective, cause theres some much lore and information Commander Sheppards 3 games could be 9 movies full of action visual effects, aliens and romance (depending on which story they go with)


What Video game would you like to see turned into a movie?


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