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Faith-based films usually do well in theaters. Generally mid- to low-budget, they cater to a specific niche demographic and always turn a tidy profit thanks to that demographic's support. Focus Features' The Young Messiah looks to build a story on a somewhat grander, more epic scale. Telling the story of Jesus Christ at age seven, it follows him and his family as they leave Egypt to return home to Nazareth, and his search to grow into his religious calling.

The first trailer was released today. Have a look:

It appears as if it will be an epic story about Jesus overcoming the odds of his would-be oppressors, so it should do well in theaters, particularly as it's set to be released a few weeks before Easter. And somehow Sean Bean is in this, and Sean Bean makes anything he's in that much better.

The Young Messiah is set for release on March 11, 2016.


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