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Ok, so everyone knows about AMC's The Walking Dead it's going on its sixth season! This show has an amazing cast and amazing characters. But a question that rose into my head was: What if they all die?

Rick is the group's leader and no one sees him dying EVER, but I think his life is just a feasible as any of the others. But if each and every character on the show dies, how tragic would that be! Losing Rick after all this time, his cool son (in my opinion), the prescious baby, buttkicking Daryl, don't-mess-around-Carol, passionate Maggie, amazing Glenn, you get the picture, right? Seeing ALL of the characters biting the dust, season after season would be torture and to end the show on a sad note where EVERYONE IS DEAD after fighting so long and hard and suffering enough, would be hurtful. It is just a show, but everyone has screen sympathy and compassion; love, etc... Although, is it just as likely for some to survive the entire series? I think yes, but it could easily go both ways. Go tally up all the dead characters on this show.

To name a few:


Jim, Jaqui, Beth, Hershel, Lori, T-Dog, Merle, Governor, Tyreese, Bob, Noah, Dawn, Dale, and SO MANY MORE!! Don't forget the pain in the neck, Shane Walsh.

What do you think will happen in The Walking Dead? Leave in the comments below!

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