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Everybody wants to be a superhero. Some people get that chance.

Spider-Man fan films are everywhere on YouTube, though rarely do any stand out like this one.

Released in 2014, Spider-Man: Lost Cause set a new standard for Spider-Man fan films. Many were created by children no older than 14 and just incorporated them putting on a costume and beating the living crap out of a cardboard villain. Though some stood out of the crowd (eg. Peter's Web and The Green Goblin's Last Stand), none shook the genre like Lost Cause.

Joey Lever as the Incredible Spider-Man
Joey Lever as the Incredible Spider-Man

This reboot of the character featured an English Peter Parker(Joey Lever) and an all new villain by the name of Nightshade(Travis Ward). Joey Lever also directed, edited, and worked on some of the visual effects for the film.

The film goes for over 2-hours and feels like a big-budget movie. But, the film also inspired a new generation of Spider-Man fan films. With constant comments thanking Joey for producing such a magnificent movie and for inspiring their own. I can only imagine what will come out of these aspiring filmmakers in a couple of years.

The film's score is another thing I have to give credit too. The composer, Jascha Heidicke, is a spectacular musician. I can even compare him to the wonderful Hans Zimmer. Even the visual effects artist, Heath Gleason, said that Jashca sounded like Hans Zimmer.

However, this film is part of a larger universe known as the Spider-Man: Lost Cause Universe. And the Incredible Spider-Man isn't the only Spidey in it.

Shortly after the release of Spider-Man: Lost Cause, American filmmaker, Heath Gleason, made the fan film Intractable.

Heath Gleason as the Intractable Spider-Man
Heath Gleason as the Intractable Spider-Man

This film features are darker, more grittier story for the Web-Slinger. Peter Parker(Heath Gleason) lost both Aunt May and Uncle Ben in a plane crash. He wags(or ditches, if you're not Aussie) school and lives with his friend Nathan Swindley(Kadeem Johnson) without his parent's permission.

Also features in the film is Phineas Mason(JC Scott), also known as the Tinkerer in the comic books. He is an associate to Peter's father, Richard Parker(voiced by Graham Parker). I don't want to spoil this amazing, powerful story, but let's just say it ends with Peter donning the Life Preserver(or Black Suit) and overcoming his apathy.

And it features a cameo by Cletus Kasady, whom is played by the Incredible Spider-Man himself! Joey Lever.

Another thing, like I said with Lost Cause, the score for this is amazing. The score was composed by the talented Randy Boettcher and has a Spider-Man feel, yet also tries to have it's own tone. If they made this score available, I would definitely listen to it on the bus ride to school.

The short-film is about overcoming apathy and self-loathing. Also, Heath Gleason says that if Peter Parker was in the real world, he'd act like this version. As all the hurt and pain he's been through wouldn't leave him as the traditional Spider-Man we know.

And what does this all lead too?

Spider-Man 2: Another World
Spider-Man 2: Another World

That's right! A sequel and the final installment to the universe.

Judging by the look the trailers, the two Spider-Men will come together and fight in a fashion I can only describe as Batman V Superman for Marvel. But, the trailers also hint at a missing Norman Osborn. And I think we all know what that means!

Also, I cannot wait to see what will happen when they face eachother. I mean, the Incredible Spider-Man is played by Joey Lever, who also plays Cletus Kasady. So maybe Intractable Peter will freak out and see it as a trick or something.

Still, cannot wait!

Now, unfortunately we have to wait until 2017 to see this. Buuuut! They'll be releasing 3 short films to keep us entertained while we wait.

Their short film The Incredible Spider-Man is currently in pre-production. And the other film, titled on Joey's website as SECRET PROJECT because of it secrets, is in the writing phase.

in conclusion, the Spider-Man: Lost Cause Universe will definitely go down in fan film history and inspire countless others to make films of their own. Myself, for one!

I can tell that Heath and Joey are going to get big and I wish them all the best in their careers.

Spider-Man 2: Another World comes out in 2017

Staring Joey Lever and Heath Gleason

Directed by Heath Gleason and Joey Lever

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