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What actually is my favourite multiplayer game?

I've spent the whole day trying to think of this. I've looked back on games from when I was a kid, to games that I've played today. It's not easy!

Gaming is actually a very social activity, in a lot of ways. I think there's a very strange course social events taking place nowadays. People are becoming friends with people they have never, no probably will never, meet. They're doing it via games. They're interacting in team-building ways, trying for hours, days, and even weeks, to achieve goals that, to people who don't like video-games are impossible to understand. Complex social activities are taking place right now, helping kids to learn what are actually very important life-skills, over this...

Destiny. Oh, so many arguments!

This game has an insane amount of marketing behind it! It's probably the most marketed game ever made. But that doesn't make it the best.

Destiny is always online. It's literally the only way you can play it. If you can't login, you can't play. All of its highest rewards are gathered by playing alongside other people.

Alongside. Notice that? Destiny rewards you for team work more than anything else. Plenty of players frequent the player-vs-player servers, and they can get nice rewards, but they're rewarded randomly. You can actually be the very worst player, out of both teams, and be the only person to get ANYTHING! The community of Destiny players have found that rather frustrating.

Destiny, actually gives its best rewards, to players that complete its raids. These player-vs-environment skirmishes are extremely team-focused. They're almost completely (I'm sure someone could do it, but I wouldn't fancy trying it) impossible, without a real team behind you. Everyone needs to know their key positions and tasks, of which there are many, and any mistakes, are highly punished. Raids take hours to complete. They are a long, arduous, unforgiving group of tasks, that have a very high probability of giving you something you can go and do it again, and only take a couple of hours next time. It needs a good leader, one that can listen and shift plans, should events change. It requires everyone to communicate properly and effectively. It requires real teamwork, to get it done.

....This, is my living rooms current setup. My parnter and I both have Xbox ones and tv's so we can sit next to each other and play Destiny together. We load up, invite our friends to a chat, and start gaming. Between us....over one thousand hours on Destiny. We've played a number of multiplayer games over the years, but only this one has drawn us in like this. And that's because of this team-focused element. Bungie really did hit on to something with it. It's a brilliant way to bring people back to their game. Yes, there's plenty of people that won't like Destiny. Up until its latest expansion, it had almost no story whatsoever. It's frustrating at times, especially when the connection drops out, for no reason other than Bungie. The acting in it can really get annoying ( you're either a Dinklage fan, or a North fan, I'm the latter). And the p-v-p is very same-old-story. But, the team activities, if you can get past all of the games bad points, offer an amazing sense of accomplishment that's rarely seen in gaming. It offers a connection to people that you'd never speak to otherwise. Most of's extremely satisfying repeatedly shooting annoying space-monster type thingies in the face, with your better-half alongside you.

Thats why Destiny is my favourite multiplayer game.


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