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Huge DC fan! DC for life. Batman is my lover
Alex Whittington

Why and what will be your favorite DC movie coming out? There are many of them but which one do you think would be your favorite? What DC superhero do you favor the most?

  • #1 Batman Vs. Superman
  • #2 Suicide Squad
  • #3 Wonder Woman
  • #4 Justice League: Part One
  • #5 The Flash
  • #6 Aquaman
  • #7 Shazam
  • #8 Justice League
  • #9 Cyborg
  • #10 Green Lantern Corps.

I want to know what do you think will be you favorite movie? And why?

Please add detail why which movie will be the best. Please vote and comment.


What DC universe movie will be the best?


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