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It's Day 4 of the 5 Day TV Challenge! Today, I'm talking about a show that I've watched over and over, and over again! To be honest, it was hard to choose.

I've watched a lot of shows multiple times, and thanks to things like Netflix, it's so easy to blaze through my favorite shows and then immediately re-watch them from the beginning! But after a lot of deciding, and soul-searching, I finally decided on one show that I can never let go of; Sherlock!

Because he's such an iconic figure, there have been many representations of Sherlock Holmes in pop culture, but none of them can compare to BBC's Sherlock series!

Ok, Robert Downey Jr's big screen portrayal of the character came close, but nobody can match the super sleuthing skills of TV Sherlock—portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch.

I didn't get into this show until it appeared on the 'What's Popular' list on Netflix. I couldn't find anything in my list to watch, so I decided to check it out. Plus, I had a couple of friends who talked about it non-stop, so I really wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. I can tell you now, the "fuss" is much deserved!

Me watching Sherlock.
Me watching Sherlock.

The story follows intelligent detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner/good friend John Watson, as they go around England solving the toughest of cases. At its core, it's another detective show. You know the kinds, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, CSI, all of the Law & Order and CSI spin-offs.

But this show - in my opinion - is so much better than those! Sherlock is an incredibly intriguing main character, he's full of as much mystery and secrecy as his cases. He acts like a cold and distant high-functioning sociopath, but every once in a while, you'll start to wonder if he has a heart under all of that tweed that he wears.

His friend, John Watson, is also an amazing character. Martin Freeman is one of my favorite actors, and Dr. Watson is one of my roles of his! Watson is funny, sarcastic and clever. In a lot of ways, he's the voice of reason that you need while your traversing this insane world. But the coolest character, is the series' main villain, Jim Moriarty.

Jim is the best supervillain since The Joker! He's both hilarious and sinister! He's the perfect match for Sherlock, and he knows it. Because of this, he's always toying around with the sleuth.

While most villains, have a purpose for being evil, Jim does it because he's bored. He seems to have no other plans other than to prove that Sherlock isn't as good as he thinks he is.

He'll go to extreme lengths to beat Sherlock, he'd kill himself if it meant beating him! In fact, he literally did just that. The season 2 finale of Sherlock has a lot of shocks and gasps, one of the biggest being the death of Jim Moriarty and the "death" of Sherlock. Actually, I'm not sure if I should put quotations around Jim's death too, because the finale of season 3 seems to be teasing the return of the villain...even though his death seemed pretty certain.

I've currently watched Sherlock over five times, and I really don't plan on stopping! Part of the reason I've watched it so many times is because new seasons take forever to come out.

Season 4 isn't out for another year or so, so in order to keep myself from going into Sherlock withdrawal, I've been watching the three seasons on Netflix. I now know them inside and out, so something good came out of season 4's slowness I guess!

Thanks for checking out my Day 4 of the 5 Day TV Challenge! Tomorrow's the last day, and I've got an awesome show planned for it!


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