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It's Day 1 of the 5 Day Game Challenge! Well, it is for me at least. Today, I'm going to talk about a game that brings me rage. A game that, for some reason, I keep coming back to everyday, despite the fact that it causes me to throw the controller every time I do!

The incredibly difficult and rage-worthy game I'm referring to is Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels!

Yu-Gi-Oh is a long-running trading card game/videogame/anime/movie series. Before there was Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone, the monster summoning, trap card setting awesomeness of Yu-Gi-Oh ruled the tournament tables, the streets, and the playground!

As a player of all three card games mentioned, I can honestly say that Yu-Gi-Oh is the hardest - at least for me. Which is why I have never beaten Decade Duels, despite having owned it for a good year and a half!

The rules are pretty much like any other card game: You make your deck to your liking, and battle against an opponent using monster cards, spell cards, trap cards and other types of cards. The first to lose all of their life points, or use up all of their cards loses.

I know the rules of the game, and I like to think I'm a fairly good strategist when it comes to these sort of things, but damn it if the computer doesn't ALWAYS have a counter-strategy!

For every move I make, the computer enemy has two moves to beat it! Seriously, it's like the AI is reading my mind—which I'm not entirely sure is untrue! This is where my rage comes in.

I love playing the game, which is why no matter how many times the 'You Lose' screen comes up (which is a lot), I always try again. But every once in a while, I simply have to shut the game off - otherwise, I'm afraid I might actually gather enough rage to punch hole straight through the ceiling!

I totally recommend this game for any Yu-Gi-Oh fans. It's got three generations of cards, which amounts to...well, a lot of cards. But it is not for the faint of heart, or the easily angered!

Call it an unhealthy relationship, but I'm probably going to keep playing this game for a long time—even if it does turn me into the Hulk if he was a Super Saiyan.

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