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During the course of the last four months of the Superman titles, we have seen Clark Kent put through the wringer. But, the true wringer that he has been put through is about the way that the world has looked at him after his secret has been revealed. People who trusted and cared for him look at him now as an "alien". A person who he trusted with his greatest secret sold his secret out because she felt she was doing the right thing. His old boss has fired him and wants nothing to do with him anymore because he feels that he betrayed his trust. Even his own fortress has thrown him out and won't allow him back in. But, now his own girlfriend Wonder Woman has crossed the line to try and protect the people he cares for.

Peter Tomasi continues the storyline that he has crafted about the US government taking all of Clarks friends to see how much they actually know about Superman.But, knowing the way the government works, Wonder Woman has taken things into her own hands to prove to everyone that they are just innocent people who have also been lied to for the last few years. There is some powerful scenes in this issue first regarding Wonder Woman and Lois Lane where she states that she did everything because she is a reporter. Is this in character for her is another story?But the real suspense comes when we see how Clark responds when he learns exactly what Wonder Woman chose to do to protect him and his loved ones. Superman/Wonder Woman #21 marks the end of yet another part of Truth, and despite having a rather slow pace, it really gives depth to our titular characters' relationship moving forward. It also gives us yet more teasers towards Superman's future, with this being a title to look out for down the line. In the last two weeks, we have slowly started to see that everything in entangled in all the Superman books as a new "Superman Revenge Squad" is slowly being formed. Where all this will lead is actually becoming interesting in these stories. I give this part of "Truth" a 7 out of 10.


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