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Is the Force really with EA Games and DICE?

Quite possibly. Now I haven't played this game, and many other people I know haven't played this game either. Out of 1,000 people I talk to, only 1 person that I know actually has played this game, and they like what they played at E3 2015.

Which brings me to this moment that I am stuck on. See, [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) is a major game with a successful history. The original Battlefront and Battlefront 2 were released ten years ago and filled with moments of greatness now hazed with that ever so familiar feeling of nostalgia. So of course we have come to expect something just as grand today than what we got a decade ago. The problem is that with this (and every remade franchise in the history of gaming) we have come to expect way too much.

With greater technology comes greater expectations, and DICE as well as EA have come to the forefront with this game. They are presenting us something that we haven't seen in over a decade, and we are supposed to welcome it with open arms. Instead it left the community ripped in half. One half of gamers are happy with the title and can't wait to play it (a side I associate myself with). While another side are angry at the fact that it is missing some features and won't live up to the epic that was Battlefront 2. We won't be getting the space battles featured in Battlefront 2. Some additional modes won't be available either. It won't be as grand and vast as we initially expected. Then to top it all off there won't be any ground to space take off sequences that we are hoping for. That was a feature we were shown after LucasArts was shut down in 2013. Doesn't mean I will like this game any less.

I love Star Wars and I love this series but if you could please, go back to the position in life that you were in 2005. For me, I was fresh out of high school and still being a worthless ass. I got this game and I loved it. My problems were nowhere near as large as they are today. I wasn't as experienced, and I had so little of expectations of games. So of course I'm going to look back at that time of my life with great amusement and remember Battlefront 2 as a work of art, but that's just the rose tinted glasses speaking.

The truth in the matter goes even further than just new tech and the nostalgia factor. Not every game that comes out is going to just be better than the last because you put a number on it and vice versa. As we see here, there is no number in the Battlefront name. It's new, it's fresh, and it deserves our attention and not to be improperly judged while it is still being worked on. Like many games that stood before this one, people are ready to bury it in a shallow grave before they are properly getting their hands on it. We get to actually find out for ourselves in the near future, as EA has announced an up and coming beta for this title. This is where we get to tell EA and DICE "hey, we played your game and it's good!" or "This game sucks!"

Now, everything about what I said is fine. If you disagree with me, that is okay too, because despite what we think, we will get another Battlefront after this one. It will come out in two years. It will have all the features that we always wanted. It will have a season pass, it will have three different special editions, and it will sell like hot cakes. Why? Because we will eat this up. We will buy it. We all love Star Wars and we all love this series and the fact that DICE wanted to make this game from the beginning speaks volumes as developers. The fact that EA passed DICE's Battlefield franchise to a different studio so these guys could make Battlefront shows how much they trust DICE and how much they believe that this game will be good. There is a severe risk of reputation on the line here, and that is something that isn't widely done in this industry.

On top of all of that, developing a game has to start somewhere. We went an entire console generation without a Battlefront game, so every resources is outdated by a big margin. DICE needs to make this a solid title. Battlefront needs to be good, they need to nail the basics first, and get this very close to perfection. Then once it's out and they take their much needed vacation time, they can include all the crazy stuff in Battlefront 2. After all, you need to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run.


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