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The above quote really summarizes both this set and a number of the other lackluster tie-ins that have come out for Secret Wars. For many, we started off strong, but after a few issues we asked ourselves "what exactly was the point"? Well, this set did just that also. After the set was concluded, we needed to ask why it was even made. Nothing really made sense, and the conclusion that was supplied to us was not at all shocking and just gave us the characterization of Tony Stark that we have been used to for the last few years. But, the real problem with this storyline was that even till the end James Robinson never knew exactly what type of story he wanted to tell.

Armor Wars was a mess from the start. Was it a murder mystery to try and solve the death of Spyder-Man? Well, the set started with that and a majority of the first three issues revolved around this. Well, last issue we did learn that Tony Stark himself was responsible for his murder, but the question remained "why" he did it? well, when we learn the reason, it isn't that much of a shock. This issue played out like a really bad movie where the mastermind decides to explain in great detail why he did what he did. But,that has been the problems with most of this set. We had so much conversation and interaction that we started to lose an interest in what exactly was going on. Not even the art by Marcio Takara was going to save this story. Instead, the art didn't even fit what the comic was trying to give us. As a whole, this turned into a limited series that didn't really accomplish much. Yes, we do have a definite ending and the chances are we will never return to this region of Battleworld. Yes, we have all the answers to the questions that this set was about, but by the end, we really don't even care what the answers even are anymore. Mostly, we have an ending that is neither a happy ending or a sad ending. It is just an ending. If you have been reading the set, then you may as well finish it off. If you haven't then really don't even bother. I give this issue just a 4 out of 10.


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