ByTrish Mays, writer at

I don't care WHAT Johnny Depp looks like! He is a man of a Thousand faces (and so much more). He is an incredible actor and human being! It doesn't matter if he's Bald, has no teeth and weighs a ton... I'll always love that man no matter what! Johnny Depp is still Johnny Depp. I grew up watching him on the big screen, laughing with him and cying with him. If you are going to judge someone so harshly just for changing a little, you people have something broke in your brains! Do you realize how hard it is being an actor? Can you even fathom the pure stress and strain they put on their bodies just to bring you entertainment? Many starve themselves or plump themselves up for an upcoming role. Truly hardcore actors transform their bodies to become that character. How dare you point fingers at Johnny Depp for changing a little! - I can understand a little concern for his well-being as die-hard fans, but never shame or put a person down for living as they choose... No one can maintain their exact same image forever... How about looking in the mirror. Can you do what he does on a daily basis? Didn't think so.

Love you, Johnny Depp. On behalf of all those who love you as much as I, I apologise for the idiocy, even though you must be use to it. I respect everything you and every other actor does just to bring us entertainment. Thank you.


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