ByMarcus Paul Bevan, writer at
Marcus Paul Bevan
I read the article and when it said she was wearing no safety gear I paused. Imm not blaming Olivia, clearly she thought she could do the stunt sans equipment, the scene may have called for her to be dressed a certain way and protective gear would have been an issue. Then I think to my Uncle who has been doing stunts, a stunt rigger and a stunt coordinator on several films, big and small, and he would not have allowed one of "his people" to ride a motorcycle without padding or helmet, they can CGI all that stuff out anyway. My uncle Ben Sr. Was on set for whawasas asimolee jump. The rider (who's name escapes me) but was in the same league as Your Evel Kenevil's and such was just making some speed passes and on the last pass he popped his clutch to do a little wheelie. Well he was on loose rock gravel and the bikes back wheel kicked out from underhimm, the rider fell on his back and the cross bar on the handlebars landed on his neck breaking it and crushing his airway. He died in minutes, even though the set medic was there and first responders. It was a sad day that destroyed my Uncle for years. He did go back to work on movies, and he was the stunt coordinator. Lives depended on him and he knew it. If a director asked for a stunt be done without a helmet or padding, my uncle would show the video of the day his good friend died because the director wanted to see the stunt mans face. Watching someone die the industry respected changed minds 95% of the time. The other 5% my Uncle was fired from the movie. So whoss to blame? The stunt coordinator and the director (1st or 2nd unit, I don't know) but you can bet everyone involved in the bad stunt is asking themselves why someone didntt tell Olivia to pad up and get a helmet on. I am sending her all the healing energy and good vibes I can. God Bless sister, may you recover quickly and be strong throughout. Your crew and team misses you.

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