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I do enjoy reading about Captain America: Civil War. I like all the theories people come up with. Now what do I think?

Personally I'm cheering for team Cap. I like the line up they have for their team. Although I do have questions on why some people are on team Iron Man.

Team Iron Man?

Like Black Widow for starters, she helped Steve through [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973). Also she never really liked Stark. So to me that raises the question is she a double agent for team Cap. I think that is a very likely possibility, if anyone would be a double agent she would. Another question for team Iron Man would be spider-man. He's going to be the new guy on the block, so it's very possible that since he's so new that he will join with the famous Tony Stark, simply because he's famous and a role model. But I think in the end he'll change his mind, cause I'm sure he doesn't want everyone knowing Peter parker is Spider-man. Another question is Vision, although of the 3 I have mentioned he is the one that makes the most sense. Being as Tony Stark is more or less his "father" it isn't completely surprising that he is on team Iron Man. However from the actions that we've seen from Age of Ultron it is surprising that he would join team Cap do to the fact it it is morally right. But Vision knows much more than us feeble humans, so he must have a good reason for being on team Iron Man.

Team Captain America

Now the team Cap line up is not surprising at all. Except for maybe Ant-man but even he makes sense, being as he had a run in with The Falcon. We have The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, both are friends of Steve so no surprise they are by his side. We also have Scarlett Witch who is probably there cause she trusts Hawkeye, also she doesn't really like Tony Stark. Speaking of Hawkeye he's kinda a question cause he's never really show that he likes Steve more than Tony. Although since Tony caused the problem known as Ultron he might be a little cautious of Tony. And we already kinda went over why Ant-man is on team Cap.

The end game?

I've read so much on what other people think about the end of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). Like many think that Tony will end up killing Steve, cause that is what happened I'm the comics. I disagree with that theory, cause Captain America has to be in the Infinity War. Also if Tony killed Steve I don't think he'd be able to live with himself, even though they don't often see eye to eye Steve is still his friend. Then there is the theory that team Cap will win and team Iron Man will lose, do to the fact that team Iron Man essentially wants to invade people's privacy to see if they have powers or not. Where team Cap wants to keep the people's privacy intact. I don't think that will happen either, as much as I'd like it to, I think the government will have too much of a say so they will make sure team Cap does not win. The theory I do think is possible is that the two teams, after much fighting, will come to a comprise. Like super powered people have to register but that information will be handled strictly by S.H.I.E.L.D.. Or that only certain people will have to register. Whatever it may be I think the two team will come to a compromise, however only by the fall of a hero. I don't mean death, one theory I read is that in the end Steve Rogers will get arrested and go to jail, but it will spark the compromise of the two sides. Also in this theory Bucky Barns will pick up the mantel of Captain America. I do think that theory is very possible but of course I could be wrong and it could be something completely unforseen.


The one thing that is confirmed is that Peggy Carter will pass away. It will be one of those sad moments in the movie especially for Steve. Who knows if this will be something that fuels him to fight, because it's what Peggy would've wanted. Or it may be something that clouds his judgment and he'll have to get over it somehow. No matter what the case, no matter what team you're on, no matter what happens. The Civil War is coming and I'm excited for it.


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