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One of the greatest comic book duos ever is getting their own movie! That's right, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are hitting the big screen—at the same time! While not exactly Batman and Robin, Gold and Beetle are quite the dynamic duo, and it's going to be great seeing them get the recognition they deserve!

It's been revealed that Warner Bros., despite having a rather full slate for the next five years, will be adding a 'buddy cop comedy' starring the superhero team.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are both longtime DC characters, and they've teamed up frequently over the years. Despite this, this is the first time either of the two will be showing up on screen. There were rumors that the pair would each be getting their own series, but they never came to fruition.

So far, the only live-action appearance the two have is on an episode of the Superman show, Smallville.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in Smallville
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in Smallville

Because of this, a lot of superhero fans might not know much about them. Sure if you've read their comics, you obviously know who they are, but these days, not every superhero fan is a comic reader.

So, if you're a superhero fan who wants to go into the Blue Beetle/Booster Gold movie prepared, you've come to the right place! Beetle and Booster are two of my favorite heroes, and as such, I know a lot about them.

So today, I'm going to share my knowledge with you! Let's take a journey through comic world and learn about the 'Blue and Gold Duo'—starting with the Blue Beetle!

Blue Beetle

Theodore "Ted" Kord, technically the second person to helm the Blue Beetle attire, but the first to wear it when the Blue Beetle was acquired by DC from its original owner, Charlton Comics.

Ted isn't my favorite Blue Beetle, that would be the Jaime Reyes, the third. But Kord was the one who made the name popular, and he's also the one who's teamed up with Booster Gold the most—so it's fitting that DC would choose him to represent BB on the big screen!

Ted Kord is one of DC's residents super geniuses. In college, he received degrees in Physics, English, and Theoretical Mathematics. Technically speaking, all mathematics are Theoretical Mathematics. Because, THEORETICALLY, you'll actually be able to use it in real life.

Been workin on that one for five minutes!
Been workin on that one for five minutes!

Anyway, despite the name, Ted Kord isn't technically the Blue Beetle. See, the Blue Beetle is the name of an ancient scarab that grants the user superhuman powers. After the death of the first BB, Dan Garret, he passed the scarab onto Ted, who was a student in his archaeology class.

However, the scarab didn't work for Ted, because it didn't find him worthy. But being deemed unworthy by an all-powerful ancient scarab didn't bring Ted down! He made his own suit, and used his vast knowledge of technology and gadgets to become the Blue Beetle!

Ted would go on to become one of the smartest superheroes ever, rivaling both Batman's and Ray Palmer's level of intelligence! In the words of Green Lantern Guy Gardner: "He was smarter than Bats, although nobody ever noticed."

Unfortunately, that is in fact a past-tense tone that Guy was using. Even more unfortunately, it's because Blue Beetle had an untimely demise back in 2005. In the comic 'Countdown To Infinite Crisis #1', Ted was beaten and trapped by his former friend, Maxwell Lord, while investigating the headquarters of the sinister Checkmate agency. Max gave him the chance to join him, but being the hero that he was, Ted decided to go out in the most badass way ever.

Ted has yet to be retconned back to life, unless you count Black Lantern Ted- but he was technically a zombie then. However, his death has shaken up the DC Universe since, with many superheroes grieving over the loss of their friend.

You don't have to worry about him kicking the bucket in the movie though. What kind of movie sets up a superhero, only to immediately have him meet an untimely demise in the exact same movie?


Booster Gold

Michael Jon Carter, not to be confused with the guy from Mars, is a hero from the future! Born in 25th Century Gotham City, Michael was born into a troubled family. Their father, an irresponsible gambler, left the family behind with a huge gambling debt, causing them to become poor trying to pay it off.

In high-school, Michael became a football player with the nickname "Booster", with dreams of making it into the big leagues. After his mother was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, Michael turned to a life of crime; gambling like his father and purposely throwing games to earn money to pay for her treatment.

Eventually, his mother was cured. Shortly after, he was arrested for gambling and thrown in jail, breaking his mother's heart. After his release, Michael got a job at the Metropolis Space Museum. Inspired by the display of legendary heroes of the 20th Century, Michael decided to use a time machine to travel back in time and become a superhero himself. Armed with 25th Century gadgets, and a robotic sidekick named Skeets, Michael became Booster Gold: Hero of the Future!

Though he had good intentions, there were times where Booster came off as more of an annoyance to other superheroes than a helpful hand. Booster was a hero who didn't shy away from the spotlight, always talking to reporters and sometimes taking on payed jobs.

Despite this, Booster Gold always fights for justice, and can hold his own against DC's most sinister and powerful supervillains! His first superhero duty was saving the President of the United States from the villain Chiller, gaining him instant fame and the attention of heroes and villains everywhere.

As a member of Justice League International, Gold met his soon-to-be teammate and best friend Blue Beetle. The two would go on to have tons of fun and hilarious adventures, causing the JLI a heap of trouble at times.

So now you know who these two awesome and colorful superheroes are! But before you go and pick up some Booster Gold and Blue Beetle comic books, there's still some stuff to know about the duo's upcoming feature film.

While the exact details of the movie haven't been revealed, there's a lot to know about the movie and how it's being made. For example:

It's A Straight Up Comedy!

Yup, a 100% comedic DC movie. As I said before, the movie is being made as a kind of 'buddy cop' movie, so it will have its share of action scenes. But the primary focus of this movie is to be lighthearted and funny. Which, if it were a Marvel movie, wouldn't be so surprising.

But recently, DC movies have been described as "dark", "depressing" and "super gray", and for good reason. Movies like Man of Steel, and the upcoming Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad films aren't really helping DC's case.

That's not to to say I'm not excited for those movies, I am. And honestly, I'm okay with DC being as dark as it is, the comics have always been known to be incredibly dark, so it makes sense that the movies would do the same.

However, I'm happy to hear that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle's movie won't be dark like the others. Booster and Beetle are not serious superheroes. Yes, they are actual heroes who fight bad guys and do other superhero duties, but they've always been known as the more comedic type. Knowing that their movie will be a comedy assures me that DC will be handling the characters right. Plus, it proves that DC isn't just a one-trick pony like most have assumed.

A Marvel Writer May Have Jumped Ship For It!

This is Zak Penn, you may know him from The Avengers. No, you didn't forget about an extra superhero in that movie, Penn actually co-wrote the story for the film! Along with writing the story for the 2012 superhero ensemble film, Penn also helped work on the stories for X2, X-Men: The Last Stand and The Incredible Hulk—so it's safe to say that Penn has experience in the superhero movie field!

Website Heroic Hollywood has reported that Zak Penn is being eyed by DC to write the story for the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie. Now, this is only a rumor, and nothing's been confirmed yet.

But if it's true, get ready for a DC film with Marvel-ish elements to it! With the movie being more of an action-comedy, it won't be too much of a surprise if the film has a certain Marvel-like sense of humor. I'm not saying it'll be like the Marvel films of the MCU, but if Zak Penn were to write it, his particular writing style seen in The Avengers might just be apparent in BG/BB.

But it's not just Marvel vibes you have to watch out for in the movie, the movie may also feel like something off of the CW...

The King Of DCTV Is Directing It!

If you've ever seen a DCTV show, besides Gotham of course, then you know who Greg Berlanti is! This incredible dude has brought us all of our favorite DC shows. It started with Arrow, a simple show about the superhero Green Arrow. Then, a spin-off series called The Flash was made, centering on the superhero of the same name.

With both of these shows gearing up for their next seasons, Berlanti is confidently writing two more superhero shows. The first is Legends of Tomorrow, a show about a group of heroes and former villains (The Atom, Captain Cold, Firestorm, White Canary, Heat Wave, Hawkgirl and Hawkman) brought together by time-traveler Rip Hunter to defeat the evil Vandal Savage. The next is Supergirl, a show about the Kryptonian superhero of the same name.

While it does seem like he has a rather full plate, it seems that Greg is willing to add another thing to his busy schedule. It's being reported that Greg Berlanti will be directing and executive producing the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie! It's fitting, seeing as how the rumored shows of both heroes were also rumored to be written by Berlanti.

Well there you have it, everything you need to know about the upcoming Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie! Well, for now at least. This news is really unexpected, especially considering the tone of the movie will be completely different form any other upcoming DC movie, except for possibly The Flash.

Anyway, I'm stoked to hear that this movie is actually getting made! I can't wait to hear what the movie's about, and who they get to play the 'Blue and Gold' duo! But for now, all of that is unknown. Here's hoping more details come really soon!

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